Post Date of Threads (in threadbit)

This little addon for the threadbits is very practical for any forum in need of good stats.

usually, on vB, when you post a new thread, the only detail you have in threadbit is the Threat Title and Username of the author…

now, we have this kind of display where you set the read date of each thread, with the very precise dateline detail:
posted by nexia 2 Weeks Ago (06-05-2008, 01:31 PM)

Here is what you get usually:


And here is what you get with this little tweak!


This is the details you see here on this forum…

it’s a product upload, no file or template edits.

detail: if you want the « posted by » to have a different style, you simply have to search for the phrase « posted by », it have the varname « nex_postdatesince_postedby » … you can Capitalize the first letter, as suggested by Shelley, or change its style, like
[html]Posted by: [/html]

note: as suggested by [user]xOBKx[/user], the new version (1.5) now cover the search results in threads list.

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  1. just a question about this hack Nexy: i’ve tried to put this onto my board but i see that many thread haven’t the hour in the forumdisplay …

  2. on that page i see them all, i suppose it is related to something you have on your members level, i’ll see what i can do…

    that engine actually just transform the musername to be wrapped in the text… before the template output… without template edit it is complicated to change that… vB is sometimes full of crap… 🙂

    i’ll offer a template edit made change for you.. 🙂

  3. check out :p

    edit: i find out this trouble in my demo board too … 🙂 (and my demo board is a fresh new installation)

    i think this: maybe the hours and minutes go away after 48 hours that the thread was created … it’s possible?

  4. Oh, that detail.. lol

    yeah, it is, sorry if i did not document the script…

    after 48 hours, even the « detailed » hour is the same as the detailed time,
    so it would be unproductive to show « posted by KURTZ 2 days ago (2 days ago)« ….


  5. hmmmm This doesn’t come up in the search function. Can you make it so it also shows the date and everything in the search function? It shows it on the thread display fine when I go to the category then look at the threads.. but when I click the new post button or search for a thread it doesn’t show when it was posted the date and all.

    Any ideas?


  6. first post edited, thanks for the suggestion… i never think of the search engine, as i have no use for it… rofl!!!

  7. i did not notice the other request this morning… i actually did not remember answering it, so you can see that i’m not too kind on answering requests… rofl

    joke apart, i’m trying hard… but sometimes!

  8. A suggestion. Capitalize the first word? In this case « Posted by: « . Also, possibly have the username a clickable link? and for the time pull the css settings from the main css so whatever colour or settings the user sets in the main style css it’s trasported over?

    Thanks Nexy, I like to try these little enhancements out though I don’t think I’ll be using it. I was actually thinking that maybe this script could have more built in features enough that it would warrant the removal of the lastpost area in the forum display. Would then probably become a commercial script. Again, nice little enhancement

  9. the threadbit modification itself is more useful than a small addon like this one…

    i’m planning on releasing a list of template variations soon, like to replace the whole threadbit with a useful one, seo optimized etc… same goes with the postbit and forumbit … i’ve already done a lot of these versions, so it will be useful to see the result…

    for the musername, it’s possible… not complicated either, but i will plan this for the « threadbit seasoned » thing…

  10. Sounds good. In the meantime, (btw you did tell us to) Capitalize the first letter, in this case, « Posted by » instead of the « posted by » I also inserted a colon followed by a space. though I’m a little anal when it comes to keeping things neat. As shown (below).

    The reason for the suggestions were not due to it’s complication but more for other members who may not know how to implement such easy yet eye candy changes. 🙂 I personally think on custom boards your enhancements are shown in a better light and your style doesn’t do your scripts any justice.

  11. you are not anal in any way.. can you stop that kind of language, come on… rofl

    btw, first post edited for the typo…

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