note to myself: re-install all the hacks when UPGRADING

this is simple… in the last upgrade/update of vBulletin yesterday, i forgot to re-install all the hacks i’ve had here…

hacks that are only products are not a problem, they are unchanged… but there is 2 or 3 that have file edits, so they require to be re-installed to see the result!

Une réponse sur “note to myself: re-install all the hacks when UPGRADING”

  1. though this is a note to myself, you can all remember that when you upgrade vBulletin, the file edits have to be re-edited… and the template edits too, because you may have to revert all the templates that you had edited…

    so when you download a hack, product, mod… a backup in a secure place is the best solution for you so you loose nothing.

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