Some Codes done the past that are now integrated in the vBulletin core.

In my first years coding for vBulletin, i had to develop a lot of features that were requested by admins and members of the site… i started coding for 3.0, and since 3.5, i do not release my work anymore… but a lot of hacks i coded are now part or the newer releases of vBulletin… when the 3.5 version was released, more than 15 000 lines of my codes were mimic in the official release, so my work was done… i inspired enough the guys there, now it’s time for them to do more!

So here is a little list of things i coded in the first days… you can easily find these features in the newest versions of vBulletin.

  • Server Loads Limit* for FreeBSD systems too (was first for Windows servers only)
  • Sort Order and Sort Field per Forum Basis
  • Display Threads Per Creation Date in Forum Display
  • Change navbar color on new PM
  • Everybody see Thread Hits and Forum Posts in Private Forums
  • Search members in Memberlist
  • Forum Read per Forum on Icon
  • Daily New Posts when no results on New Posts
  • Markout of Newer posts since last visit
  • « Empty Folder – delete all messages » in Private Messages
  • Full Permissions on Signatures
  • Attachment Manager in UserCP
  • Members Albums – was multiple-profile pictures
  • Avatars on Friends list (now contacts and friends)
  • Invisible Mode
  • Skype IM in profile
  • Log User Edits actions

.. there are more, but i have no memory…

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