About the copyrighted content on this site…

100% of the images, icons and specific scripts used on this site are protected by licenses, copyrights or other policies.

If i see my content duplicated or stolen, i do not wait a second, and i alert the authors of the stolen elements without notice. If these guys are as serious as they work well, the thief will have big troubles…

The packs of icons and images that i did not produce on this site were purchased for their usage, they are all protected by copyright and i intend to make this license applied in all my work. If i have to create a theme for a client, the licenses for the icons are respected, so the client have to purchase these icons to integrate to their themes… same for anyother script or image.

this is my 2¢ regarding thiefs.

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Père de famille de 9 enfants, travaille à la maison, partage sa vie avec une femme passionée et très occupée!

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