New Minimalistic Theme

Never seen on tv, and even less in the vBulletin community, a minimalistic theme.

Usually used on a blog, this type of web structure is made for accessibility and flexibility in design. As vBulletin is table-filled, it is complicated to make a default theme look performant to the minimalistic style, but i’ve done it — and quickly i can tell.

without editing a single line of code for the style, i redesigned the CSS to look like the other parts of the site, based on Scott’s style from the blog part. I added some faded colors in the background because i do not have the same talent Scott have, and i wanted to make the forum look like a forum anyway, so i had to seperate the sections of the forum with fade colors instead of white spaces. but that will be fixed in the near future.

Also, you will see a lot of custom icons, smilies, buttons, that you will never see in anyother vBulletin forum… that’s because they are copyrighted, and you have to do like me to use them : pay the licenses!

One of the things i’m proud of in my work is to always retribute the guys who do the work i can’t handle… the best way to do so is to respect all licenses. So if you have to use someone’s script, design, or idea, please post the credits…

Une réponse sur “New Minimalistic Theme”

  1. For the interested, to create this style, i edited 3 templates in total… just small editions in showthread, forumdisplay and i deleted the logo in the header template too…

    that’s all… you seriously think we need to explode all the templates in vBulletin to generate such a style?!… nope… CSS can do a lot!

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