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Each time a user is posting a link in a post, if you want the link to be identified as is, a good Web2.0 technique is to identify the link with an icon.

The problem is that vBulletin do not put a class to the bbcode which generate the links in posts… we provide a solution here…


… You can go to >> Google or not!

This will work in posts, but also in private messages…

note: 17/06/09, updated to 1.0.1, modifyed the HowTo.txt — read and redo what it say, to avoid applying the tag to IMG tags… thanks to [user]xOBKx[/user]
note: 10/22/09: updated the link in HowTo.txt so the addon will not add an icon on local links *(the ones on your site), thanks to [user]Taragon[/user] for the idea
note: dec. 5th, 2009: updated the css detail to avoid a typo that cause html validator to hate me!
note: dec. 8th, 2009: now version 1.5, have a local/external detector that will change the icon… you can still modify the whole css and icons if you like.

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  1. note, my version of the icon differ from the original provided in the release, as it’s a small customization for this place.. you can edit the .css in the product at any time to change its look.

    This tweak requires a simple file edit, can’t avoid it…

  2. okay I got it working for 3.7 just fine….works great. Now I have a question about the flag….currently I’m using the default image….with is that little green arrow….

    With the flag i’m assuming it’s two different images….and i have to fiddle with one of these lines:

    background-image: url(« ‘ . $stylevar . ‘/nex_linkicon.png »);
    background-repeat: no-repeat;

    Is that right??

  3. Hmm I tried installing this and I’m sure I did everything right, but now none of my links that I post or try and quote appear. I did everything except rebuild counters. I tried making new posts and the hyperlinks don’t appear. I’m going to see if I can reupload the class_bbcode.php to see if it fixes it.

  4. hum, i will see to this… thanks for reporting the situation… i already saw it, but never thought i had to change it… rofl…

    it’s a bit complicated though, vB is not parsing the bbCodes properly… have to be taken globally, vB take them individually.

  5. as you can see, it is now corrected… version 1.0.1 is available… it will not tag the images anymore… btw, you need to drop the line you modified and redo it the new way, and rebuild counters…

    @xOBKx 21755 wrote:

    Is there any way to disable the « link » image if there’s url tags wrapped around img tags? Looks a little weird..


  6. Actually, sorry for the false alarm (and thanks for offering to look into it).

    After installing this and rebuilding my post cache, the videos disappeared – not even the links showed. So I paniced, naturally.

    However, after rebuilding the post cache you then need to rebuild the AME code aswell.. Some videos still wouldn’t show for some reason, but after manually editing the posts even these videos worked again! 🙂

    Nexia’s Link Icon and AME working in harmony example.

  7. Just noticed something, which probably is a typo, causing a w3 validation error (marked in red at the code blockquote)


  8. Thanks Nexy. 🙂

    Edit: To be honest, I prefer the link icon showing when I post a link from within my site. Anychance you can post what I would need to insert to revert this back nexy so the image shows again?

    Or, why not have an alternative icon (a home image icon) when a local link is typed? I think I would like this one better. So for all external links you get the link icon and for local links the home image would be displayed.

  9. @nexia 25783 wrote:

    i understood perfectly at first, darlin’ 😉

    You got my hopes up. There’s the thinking it was updated and you where giving me confirmation of my confirmation that you understood but i was unsure that you really understood resulting in the following….

    It’s like going into mcdonalds for a bigmac deluxe and getting home only to find that the deluxe bigmac isn’t a deluxe but a default big mac. You wanted that upgrade of the deluxe but you now have to go back and complain to get that deluxeversion with the extra slice of gherkin or in my case a link . lol

    Yeah, I just wanted to make sure nexy. 😉

  10. ok, let’s see if the new implementation will work:

    1- an external link: Google that will show a bookmark icon… hover it to see it change size
    2- an internal link, that is supposed to show a house…

    you can always edit the css to disable the hovering effect, and you can change your icons all the way… or use the same icon for both local and external… etc… you have to rebuild your posts cache again if you update.

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