pre-defined member access

strangely, i did not see it in any other community manager. but on our Mac, we can give pre-access to members who are not yet logged-in our computer.

how does this work?

admin enter the email address of someone who is not yet in the list, with a keyword, and the admin select which usergroup the user will receive once connected.

So he give the keyword to that person he wants to invite, and when that person enter the keyword in the register form, using the proper email address, once the registration process is done, the user receive the specific usergroup indicated by the admin in step #1.

this is good for companies who have « invite only » system, but also for specific accounts for clients — like i could apply it on this site, where i invite new clients to register, and with their registration, they gain access to specific forum nobody else have access — because my clients always have their own private forum to see what we’re doing with their work to be done.

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