Template Modification System *(TMS from Kirby)

Ok, the TMS engine is very useful, and vbCredits is using it for all its modifs.. but we need our own, one that is not clustered with copyright etc, and one that is compatible with the old ones that work with TMS…


  • all our hacks use it
  • all our products are template edit free
  • all our products can update any style even the CSS based ones, so they need more precision…

I want the same system, but in less files, smaller to install too…

I want it to be the main part of the MTF engine, making it clearly evident that anybody using the Core File of MTF will be provided with a powerful tool.

The system have to add one main thing: complete template replacement {
when a template need an edition, instead of just having the possibility to search/replace, we provide a complete template replacement in the cache.

Une réponse sur “Template Modification System *(TMS from Kirby)”

  1. As the engine Kirby coded is based on « search::replace/add below » and it is consuming resources when displaying a page, we will act the opposite way:

    instead of searching to replace a template on the fly with a modified version, we will store the original template in a different field of the template table:

    template table have:

    template < < original coded in php
    template_un < < uncoded, ready to edit

    we add this one:


    and in hook « template_compile », we compile the template edited… etc… switching the right value at the right place once… we’re not supposed to edit millions of templates in our work anyway… once a board is edited, the admin is not changing this each other day.

    in hook « compile_template », we do this:

    field « template » will host our new edited template, where we have applied ALL the template edits contained in our system. we switch the original « template » to « template_cached » and put our edited template in the return value… non ?

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