Mod Tools Suggestion

I have a suggestion for a product that would be quite useful for moderators when moving threads to a ‘trash bin’.

When a moderator views a thread, there should be a link which automatically moves the thread to the trash bins, in the admincp, there should be an option to add bins, for example if you have a bin that nobody can access too.

Other additions to the script could be an option to send the user a pm, or for there to be a way for users to request the topic be moved back.


2 réponses sur “Mod Tools Suggestion”

  1. Another idea would be for moderators to be able to add a comment to a post, with the option to make it private, staff only or public, which the user can’t edit. If you intergrated it nicely I think it would be quite popular. 🙂

  2. your second idea is to be implemented in the Master of MTF, which let you add custom PostFields, so a person who have « permission » to enter a invisible/uneditable post comment ca, in a simple click add these, in a variety of flavors… 🙂 this will be explained when the MTF itself is finished, when i can go back coding, next week… (my hand still hurt a lot though!)

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