After the darkness, some light

A lot… ok, may i say A LOT of comments came to me in the last 2 weeks of silence this site had to face… people all around the world (not hard, 4 persons from 4 different countries) are asking me « why ?! »…

The site was closed, and i had no direct plan to re-open it because i had enough of the stupid games some guys are playing with vBulletin… business, coding, hacking, translation, blah blah. i have enough of it.

btw, i had some fight with an anonymous asshole who threatened me with a legal pursuit about some copyright i was supposely breaking/infringing. After some lawyer of my taking action directly about this situation, it was obvious that we were facing a pro-justice hero who thought he was representing « Utilitarianism« … (pushing me in front of a court even without proofs)

The case was unclear, i had to wait for 2 weeks (the time this site was down) to have an end to it, and by that period of time, i was in reflection to see where i was going with vBulletin.

Sure i have enough of this, i have a lot of work to do to make a living of my work, and i can not always fight or debate on what is good or bad… i’ve already given up at because as you can see in the public forums, what is discussed the most is not enhancements but rules and services… So i was to give up entirely on vBulletin, because i think there is more than just vB in life, we can easily find something more constructive to do on the net than fight.

So i do not give up… for a time, this site will live, and IF things go positively, i’ll keep it running and will provide more work, service and more.

In the next days i’ll use 2 hours of my days to finish updating what is already stored on the site… There is a files repository for hacks that are already commercial, they will be supported. That’s all for now. If there are some interested clients, why not, welcome. But i’m not answering anymore paid requests, because i have no more time to it, UNTIL another coder answer them.

I’m not abandoning here, i’m supporting the site until i can hire some coders to answer paid requests, and i continue updating the hacks that are taken-over here… i’ve done a tremendous job taking over these hacks, i am not abandoning all of that just after i started.

So be it, we’re not closed, we’ll live again – with your help and support.

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