Why a creators site with a default vB style?

Because i can not satisfy everybody’s tastes… i’m not going to modify the style thoroughly, making it completely different from the original vB style, because i want the site to be quickly upgradable, and i want it to be recognizable by all vB owners.

Btw, we have a demo forum for you to see each style we release, so you can have a look on it. All the style alterations we make here are on-the-fly with a plugin, and i usually release these alterations… for your pleasure.

And for the curious, vbEnhancer never edit the templates on the go, SO you can upgrade your style or vB without fear!

Published by Jean-Pierre

Père de famille de 9 enfants, travaille à la maison, partage sa vie avec une femme passionée et très occupée!

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