GARS, vbCover, Gio’s IMPORTERS to plan…

as i just said to Mert, when MTF is released, we can say bye-bye to GARS and most of vbCover and Gio’s products… and the products of a lot of guys who first planned to change the display of a thread….

My goal was not to make all these vanish *(ok, i lie here)

But with a solid engine, which need no core file edits or no change in the queries etc, we can make a lot with simply nothing…

GARS is a hell for anybody, but is a required pain for the moment… as i own the Articles from Mary and other products on the same path, we will not have to upgrade them, we will simply replace them all.

So for that we will need importers for each of these competitors… and as i’m a good seller, i’ll provide a rebate of 10% for each client who switch to MTF from an existing product, in exchange of a proof that they have that system on their site… even if GARS is free, i prefer to gain some clients with a rebate… that proove my point.

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  1. that’s the baddy of the story… someone can check the client’s site?!… i know it’s hard to deal with this situation, i may simply drop the idea as there is no real way to verify, and i’m sure the other coders will not provide their clients list… lol

  2. using it or not, i don’t know… most of the clients were related to Mates/Gals scripts, installed on private sites, so we have no clue… i bought her rights because i wanted her clients list.. 🙂 that worth it… lol

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