My AdminCP Basics

a New adminCP Control Panel Home, with VERY useful elements… and a suite of cpnav elements to quickly access needed functions, and spare some clicks.


note: version updated to 1.5.1, with the addition of two hooks, to please Taragon who was interested to add his own things to it… 🙂

hooks: nex_basics_belowquickies, nex_basics_belowinfos

you need to upload all the files again as the hooks file need to be located if you build your own products!

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  1. oh, and yes, it drops the rest of the page… i don’t care about credits, nobody reads them anyway… and nobody use the quick tools to search PHP/MySQL functions… if you want to see them display, you can simply deactivate the third plugin.

    in the next minutes i’ll add the field to upload a product… and overwrite by default…

    the engine also contain a HowTo.txt file where it is explained how to add the Search Templates fields on top of the templates engine, because i like on-the-fly search… instead of browsing 2 or 3 pages just to reach the search field.

  2. Version updated to 1.5.0, release and screenshot updated.


    1- field for upload product
    2- TIMENOW small info — useful for coders
    3- redesign of the Search Code in Templates

    about the added elements in the sidebar, here they are, in their specific blocks, they are direct links to:

    Add/Upload Product
    Add New Template
    Add New Phrase

    they make you save one click each time!

  3. I’d probably be able myself (however not optimized), but would it be possible to include some/a 3rd party plugin(s) as well perhaps?

    show underneath Quick Phrase Finder
    I definitely think this, or similar/custom would be a great add on for this product.

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