MTF files structure…

I know everything under MTF can be structured à la OOP, so how do we deal with it?



to make it very clean, i’d like to have everything under the /mtf/ path, at least… but as i do not know how the OOP version will work, with including classes and so on, what i had in mind may be bloated.. lol

as not all addons are « just custom fields », we need a structure that will let us add more functionality when we need to make a Type that require more…

and are all the files always containing ALL and everything?… as i suggested before, i have no idea what will be the future of these addons, but i know that we need flexibility in usage.

« Personal Ads » is a good example of « more complex than a forum » thing… people have to find not only the ads, but also the themes in a sidebar etc… so maybe a default class to generate the sidebars inside the template structure?

How will you work with this Drew ?

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  1. The setup I have for files is:
    mtf/class_mtf_{addon name}.php
    (And because classes hold functions no functions file is needed :))

    The class files currently have three major functions: firstPost, threadBit, PostBit

    Then these functions return a template name (and a required varable list for the template). Finnaly in the plugins it exacutes these functions and tells vb to use these templates and takes the variable list and puts it in array for the template. So far it seems to work very well.

    I think what I will do is add a fourth function called forumDisplay which will replace the the thread display page so you could add side bars.

    How does that sound?

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