project manager dropped… why?

as i was not the one coding it, i did not check the XSS thingy… there was two exploits that i found yesterday evening, and i was not really happy with these, so i dropped the entire engine instead of having a vulnerability that would compromise the dB… the file is easily detectable and i have no time to fix these details right now, so that’s it…

was not really used anyway, we can continue to write our project lines in the forum anyway… we will recheck this once we have MTF running, we will build our own solid project manager!

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  1. yeap… like said, Projet Manager, Support Tickets, Releases, Bug Reports… all these can be independant addons, we package a lower-priced bundle of all these, and i know at least 5 sites which will buy the whole thing… and i suppose a lot of clients of vBMA and Paul’s version will do.. 🙂

  2. sure, that’s the plan… that’s why i made a exhaustive list of possibilities…

    FAQ and Knowledge base are two different engines, but they are well matched… (FAQ is just threads with a post per detail, and KB is question/answer from members)

  3. oh, btw, something to NOT FORGET… i know you were working on a better vBMA… ya know that i’m not tighting you with a deal here, you can release that new engine on the site with 100% profits in your pockets… can be part of a bundle we’re talking about here! you code the entire stuff, you’re the owner.. 🙂

  4. high prices… lol…

    we have to evaluate the value of each addon, first… i know that the articles system is mainly template edits, so a 25$ would be fair… for a complete release engine, not below 100$… because it brings profits to the site who buy that product… that will be evaluated when we set the features.

    i am actually rewriting iTrader (yeah, i’m new holder), and i plan on having a free version with fewer features than the actual version, and a priced version which will be supported and have possible addons, like vbCredits one.

    and for your releases, as this site also have a Demo site for « demos », maybe you can release all your stuff here, anyway some can be there just for display, Giologist is doing it, and Lionel too…:) they support their stuff on their own site, but display them here to bring clients…

    yeah, i know, i have great ideas.. ROFL!

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