Sponsors: Redirect File

I already have something like this for the Discreet Sponsor per Forum, and i think it’s time to make it work independantly to activate more than just a redirect from sponsors… 🙂

a redirect.php file is needed to control all the possibilities of sponsorship and statistics.

i have a sponsors per forum, sponsors for redirects, and we can add more. discreet sponsors are more and more present on the web, in the next 2 years it will be a hit because of the financial crisis… people can not afford 50 000$ Ads campains anymore, so they use the discreet format instead, where they are named instead of popped-up…

 » This forum is sponsored by Gilette « …


i have the file in hands, it’s just some hooks where each Sponsoring Addon we have put a line of code to activate specific stats or technique to display pages.

now i need some backup, some ideas on what tool we need!

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