If you need support, start a new thread

Each of our products have its own sub-forum in the Workshop, and that’s not only for a better browsing, it’s for specific support.

When you have a problem regarding a product, instead of posting your question after someone’s reply, start a new thread on your own. It will be checked and answered properly, and will be easier to track for you and for us. The permissions here are set so you can not reply to someone else’s thread in the releases forum anyway. Only staff can do. This is good, so only the approved competent staff will give you answers on your questions, making sure you have the right solution at hand.

Each request is considered important, but if they are just added to someone else’s discussion, we can not track who’s in need of support and who’s just posting for the pleasure of posting… we have a lot of products released, we can not read each message personally.

note: if for a reason you consider that you need to add a reply to someone else’s thread, use the « Report Post » button and send us your reply, it will be transfered properly if we see it fit. But remember also that WE are the ones to offer support, The Workshop is not a community support forum.

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