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ok, so i have most of MTFs back-end code down and now working on having the templates work with the back-end. This sounds good but i have not down any work with the MOTM and i was wondering if it would even be needed for the version here. It definitely should be in the public release because you know people would request it. Then eventually after the public release is out maybe a week or two later we can just upload it here (and probably turn MOTM off).

So how does this sound?

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  1. we need to take the clients breathless, so we can call this a new feature in the next update… like everything else anyway… 🙂

  2. That works too 🙂

    i also think i’m going to make it with a little less complexity then your oringinal files because some of the fields would be hard to work with MTF and it would be almost impossible to make MTF that flexible (example the coauthors field)

  3. sure, make it more flexible, my files were a brainstorm of ideas…. you know me, i’m full of ideas, no power to execute them.. lol

    oh, btw, i suppose you read the iTrader announcement. the part related to the MTF integration, will be good. a bridge between iTrader and MTF Release, MTF Freelancer, MTF Marketplace … all these addons that require the rating of posters will be awesome for all these site admins willing to add more solid features to their existing sites… i know some that already use iTrader on their freelancer forums but have no real transformation of their forums … MTF will help them. and it will be very easy to do so…

    iTrader is a big plus for the MTF market, as we hit all these big sites that use iTrader for their members rating… a lot of them are wealthy… 🙂

  4. sarcastically, when i’m to be the new admin, they will have to install MTF with iTrader the day i arrive… ROFL!

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