MTF 1.0.0 Alpha 2

Well here is Alpha 2. The real difference between this and alpha one is the MTF levels function and that a lot of « clutter » was removed to make it a lot smaller and run a little faster. I haven’t tested it that much but i thought i should give it to you for you to test if you would like.

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  1. hum, twitter… i know nothing about these gadgets… if you want to add something related to the site, you can, sure… you can even create an account of our name, you’re part of the admin staff so it is all up to you.. 🙂

    for the next hours and tomorrow, i’m fixing the last lines of iTrader, and will test it on the site… it’s just merging the whole stuff, old addons and put phrases where hardcoded… i’ve been lazy with it, but i also have a website in design… so i had to focus on the design before iTrader! .. that style is not complete yet, i’m working a lot on a bunch of things without focussing right now.. lol

  2. i hate unstable releases… we release the final/gold, nothing else… 🙂

    it’s because i hate people testing unstable on their production site… they are aware, but complain anyway… i want this site to provide the less service possible… our products have to work, that’s all… reputation is at sakes!

    i’ll install this MTF version on the site this weekend, so if we need the first addons to be coded, it’s now or later… we can not release it without addons anyway.

  3. any addon will do, i prefer making basic ones first, so we are not filled with bugs … the Attachment Album is mostly done, and we can easily code anything else that require only template edits…

    i saw what the people was requesting in the last months, and the goal i think we can have is to code basic features like FAQ, Articles, Links, and then create complex addons that would pay more because not much people request them… some clients have 500 to 5000 $ to put on such features, we just have to code them… 🙂 we do not always need to wait for someone to ask a feature. once we’re well started, we can develop a wide range of features and variations… people like to have the choice…

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