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ok, the search engine in vB is just stupid, it’s the worst one possible.

we can not search thru forum and blogs at the same time, we have a new

so i have this idea that i will write for my parenting site, and will release here for sure… may be the best way to merge to MTF as we need something that will let you search for articles, albums, faq etc.

a single field for all searches:

-calendar (oups, have to add « search calendar addon! »)

search title only / whole content

the goal is to have only one field with a single dropdown to select what we want to search. the dropdown will be a checklist of things we can search.

this will replace all the search fields from vBulletin. once the engine is in place, we can deactivate search in each page where the search capability is activated (the search fields are always yes/no permissions)…

example, in forumdisplay, we always have 3 search fields, the one in the navbar, the one on top of the sub-forums – which search all thry the entire forum and subs that you’re in, and the last is on top of the threadbits to search that forum only. why that much?… british people can not understand that you can make things minimalist and have them work anyway.

and if we deactivate the ajax/js menus, you see anything but logic… pathetic.

it’s easy to build, a new file to upload. we can not have a multiple-search engine for the faq, calendar, forum etc because they are independant in vBulletin, and i don’t like the idea of duplicating the whole thing. but we can redirect the results for the choice of these types, so when someone submit the search engine, it goes to the mega_search.php which will determine what is to be searched… then it redirect to the search.php?do=search or memberlist.php?do=search or something else… it’s just a road switcher or so…

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  1. no, i mean the mega_search.php file is just a redirect to the right file that will do the search… it’s easier thru a file instead of having a complex search form…

    so if we call this: mega_search.php?do=forum&query=great+word+to+search

    it will redirect to search.php with the right results…

    mega_search.php?do=blog&query=great+word+to+search would redirect to blog_search.php etc…

    the $do would be defined with the checkbox we choose in the field… actually this is a really pointless work to do, but very useful for navigation.

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