Forum Channels, a different way to see your forums

Have you ever seen a commercial site with a ton of links in the bottom of their pages?.. like a list of their forums, or a complete navigation on a plain listing.

This place: BabyCenter | Homepage – Pregnancy, Baby, Toddler, Kids is a good example of the usage the Channels can give… go in the bottom of the page, you see the entire navigation of the site.. (ok, it’s a parenting site, so?!)

Here is what we have in store for that kind of navigation:

1- we have a « whole page version », where you navigate in one shot instead of going thru the whole forum sub-forums… other screenshots available in the attached thumbnails!


2- a « bottom of page » navigation, a list of all the channels, without any detail. As you can see, in the real bottom, you have the RSS links provided by vbSEO for guests/web crawlers. Our engine is way more attractive, and will tease the readers who are in the bottom of a page!


(you can see this in the bottom of this place too!)

Permissions to view forums is applied, so you do not see a forum you have no right to see.

No query is displayed on a vBulletin default page, as the forumcache is stored everywhere!

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  1. Product now available… this is version 1.0.0, i’ll be adding more features in the near future, like deactivation of categories when browsing that category, to avoid SEO corruption… same for the Forumhome, disabling this could avoid some SEO doublings, but if you don’t care…. 😉

  2. A note, as you can see in the refered parenting site with the footer navigation, there is more than just the forums links… you can edit the wrappers (table, footer or page) and add the links you want, so it is more complete!

  3. Hey sweetie,
    I’m having a problem with this one. When I have this plugin switched on, if I go to move a thread it doesn’t list any of the forums in the dropdown selection for the forum I wish to move a thread to. I’ve tried it both with inline moderation inside a thread and inside the showthread page. Works fine when I disable this mod though.

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