10 000 page viewed by web crawlers in the last 3 weeks… woot!

As you can see on our Spiders List, google love us, as all the other spiders and web crawlers that visit us each day.

It’s not a record, i suppose a lot more hits are made on bigger sites, but we’ve hit the 10 K hits in less than a month, so this is good…

Published by Jean-Pierre

Père de famille de 9 enfants, travaille à la maison, partage sa vie avec une femme passionée et très occupée!

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  1. interesting, do you use the latest dream’s spiders list? and also is this your spiders hack? really interesting …. 🙂

  2. Ok, after a rebuild of the product « Web Crawlers Bundle », i dropped the old stored data, and we’re starting over by right now… there is not much crawlers listed today then, compared to the 33 different crawlers which have hit the site more than 16 000 times in the last 34 days…

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