MTF Prefix Driven forum

new type of forum:

Prefix Driven

instead of using sub-forums, you can now simply apply your Prefix Sets as navigation thru a forum.

On top of the FORUMDISPLAY page, instead of showing sub-forums, it will show a list of Prefix Sets, which become linkable categories. When you click a prefix, only threads related to that prefix are shown, like if you browse a specific sub-forum.

as it’s a per-forum setup, you can configure different features:

1- select which prefix is by default
2- select how much columns, for styling
3- select if using Plain or Rich text prefix styling

i’m coding this today, as i need it for a specific forum. i think it can be one of the free addons provided with MTF-core, because it is not adding anything to the functionalities of the forum, it’s just changing behavior of the usual prefix dropdown…

i’m not coding it as a MTF addon, i’m doing it pure plugins right now because i have not the time to check at the MTF… will be more available after this week, as i do not have to handle the kids anymore… for 3 months.

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  1. the only detail i need right now is to find a way to avoid queries when doing this:
    [php]function fetch_prefixed_threads($forumid)
    global $vbulletin;
    # count threads per prefixid
    # info about last post per prefixid
    # fetch if unread thread per prefixid (to show the proper icon)

  2. ok, now first step in the admincp is done:


    as you can see, i added Descriptions to Prefixes set… had to reproduce the entire prefixes-set management because there is no hook on that file.

    With this description, we will have the choice to display prefixes sets the exact same way we list forums with their sub-forums on forumhome. (title, description, sub-forums in mini, lastpost…)

  3. people find a use for it themselves… it’s not a big tool, just a different display, and a different way to list threads…

    it’s also less trouble to manage a single forum with prefixes than 10 sub-forums with different permissions… if you take the sub-forums to class your topics, people have to visit these sub-forums to actually see the threads. prefixes are in the same forum, and you can show prefix X or prefix Y only, and you can still see how much there is from other topics.

    admin can decide to consider prefix X by default and let the others shown below, like we do with stickies…

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