As per now, Drew, at is now owner of the MTF engine

As a proof of reliability, we’re continuing the development of the master engine called Multi-Types Forum, the MTF.

[user]Drew[/user] was the one developing the core engine of the MTF as well as its exclusive Releases engine which was planned to be released in the next weeks, and as he is interested to continue the legacy, and are giving him the entire ownership of the script and project.

Drew plan to release the engine soon, and you will be informed of this on this site until it close, and the official url is: SiteSmart

Good Luck Drew!

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  1. @bigcurt 21101 wrote:

    I am confused haha. What is going to happen with iTrader bud?


    actually, nothing. nobody is interested to take-over…

    give Paul M the fault on all this, i have enough of all these morons over

  2. @nexia 21104 wrote:

    actually, nothing. nobody is interested to take-over…

    give Paul M the fault on all this, i have enough of all these morons over

    You should be bigger than this though Nexia. You should realize that leaving vBulletin is not going to matter to them, you are one..of the many. To let one person get to you, or even a few..there is no sense in it. I understand where you are coming from, but there is no sense in completely leaving a forum software because of a few people.

  3. that’s not it Big, i did not make a move due to a single event, 90% of the decision is based on vBulletin 4.0 … i’m not gonna work on that platform, it’s just bullshit… the ideas are good, but are just duplicates of all the resources released on for ages… andthe new data manager,… a joke. templates?… it’s Smarty on testosterones, but still smarty.

    i’m done with that crap. and i’m done with which is just a place where people whine about the administration… volunteers… yeah yeah… volunteers who refuse to leave when everybody else would leave…

    Paul’s manners, i don’t care, it’s not because of that if i close business… i have a life outside vB, and it’s far from being complicated like the way we have to deal for this project. the lack of respect from the heads of a community is a good show on what’s going on in the inside.

    the firsts to be hit by that are the clients, like you, who wants us to « forget »… ok, so if you go to McDonalds and eat for months over there, take 50 pounds because you eat McDo all the time, do you seriously think you will be able to « forget » about what McDonalds is ?!.. you have it under the skin. you’re now fat, ugly and smelly. do you think people will still tell you to continue to go to McDonalds and continue to eat there all the time, like before, like if nothing happen?

    i’m still slim and will continue to eat veggies at home. i will simply go outside more often with the kids.

  4. From what I have seen I would prefer to come here than, I have moved more away from there and invested in paid mods at other commercial sites, maybe that could be a direction for you? I will not move to vB 4.0 personally, too much hassle! It would be sad to see a good dev leave because of, as already said they are not all that, too much whinning.

    But anyway whatever you decide good luck in the future, I will ask one thing though, what is the mod/script that shows the thread and post count on your forum? Can you release if you have not already done so.



  5. actually what i’ve decided was to not release anymore for vBulletin becauseeach time someone do something useful on, they are bashed and kick/banned… usually by Paul. Paul or not, the community there is the only place we can run to when we need vBulletin customization, and it’s not going well. having vbEnhancer was a good way for me to have a place for my stuff, and i invited a lot of old coders to re-release their stuff, what they accepted because they were off from…

    the reason why i would take this site down is because if i can not be seen on or, it would be very difficult to have a real public here, because nobody is helping on advertising or even linking to this site… even if you say it is useful, a bunch of great guys like you is not enough to make that site popular and act in the balance.

    it would take me a lot more to keep the site going, because it use my personal resources for no real result… it would take way more important traffic here to make it useful and profitable — because coding for free is not my thing.

    there is no real solution.

    i know that i can continue to code the 3.8 engine of vBulletin for the next year without the fear to loose the market, because a lot of site admins will not change the software… but who’s gonna support me if i’m the only one left?… already, most of the good coders on have left, because they had enough, and a lot have said they would not code for the 4.0 for a long time, because it will be a complete hell…

    the only solution would be to have more guys coding for this site, more coders releasing their stuff her, and more clients coming for custom work… but this can not be done without help, and without as a place to advertise or show the work, there is no possibility.

    you have ideas?

    i’ve put the site on sale, but 99.9% of chances it will not be sold, because nobody is able to drive a site like this but me… lol.. it is my work after all.

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