Ray Morgan prefer Paul M’s attitude, thanks for it

Ray Morgan, everybody knows him now, is the new leader of IB coming to manage Jelsoft’s vBulletin.

no problem for me, but he just replied to my complaint against Paul M regarding the ban… the only thing he said was that his company wants polite and respectuous contacts with the clients… ok, so threatenings and bans are polite?

anyway. I summoned him to force Paul M to delete my account with all the threads related to my products on vbulletin.org, and also to deactivate all my licenses on vbulletin.com.

So this site is going to be illegal by the end of the week.

Do i had to calm down and shut it off ?… sure no, why would be a lamb?… in the last 3 years (because i did not calculate in the past), i told all my clients that vBulletin was the best forum software there is… i can count at least 150 of my clients that switched to vBulletin because of my own knowledge of the software, being able to support and code for them.

So now i can not support them anymore, because i am not supported by the company, i’m even considered like a moron.

So be it… sorry people, but even if you are good clients, i can not run that kind of life, being considered as a slave or a lamb.

this domain is now on sale.

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  1. this domain is now on sale.

    This is truly a sad event. Your modifications and addition’s to the software have been used and anticipated by many, my self included.
    With that said I also understand that you must do what you feel is necessary in this regards. Best wishes nexia and hope that eventually you and your contributions will return.
    Perhaps the Nexia Forum Software Solution, heaven knows some fresh ideas and out of the box forum software would be nice, instead of them all playing catch up with each other.
    That’s why I liked your hacks and mods they where actually what we could use not just something thrown together for the sake of saying we made a new pointless release.
    Just my cent and a half, once again Best Wishes and hope to see you soon.


  2. 😉 thanks…

    btw, some guys would say « not again, you always close your sites when things go wrong on vb.org… »

    yeah, not again… this time is different. i was already planning to drop the vB development when 4.0 was to be released because it’s a complete different thing, completely different way to work with codes, back to Smarty, which is the worst move coders could do.

    sure the MTF would’ve been compatible, Drew make it OOP, which make it completely compatible with any kind of engine. but that’s just one engine, not even released to the public, and that would mean a lot of needed releases before 4.0 or we wouldworth nothing…

    i can not work in that environment, and i have other things in mind for so long, it’s time to go on.

  3. You’re saying cos your vB.org account is deleted that you lose your license, that is not true, vB.org is a free resource for license customers. You are still a licensed customer, unless you received a refund and/or are on a leased license..


    This site WON’T BE illegal, cos you’re still licensed, you just opted out of vBulletin.org, is all.

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