The notice says it all…

as you may have been forced to notice, there is now some real changes on the site… i can’t tell more right now because there are negociations on route, and i can not say more.

as many of you may have noticed, my account at is now deleted completely, first time on the history… i wanted to be sure there was no other possibility to trace me on that site, based on the fact that i’m now seriously « persona non grata » there…

i announced earlier this week that i was to close the business and retire from coding vB… due majorly because i had no real interest in coding for the new platform to come, the 4.0 version of vB… but i had some incomes from a company *(old client of mine) that was interested to see my work continued until « they » decide to switch to 4.0, which would mean at least 18 months, because they have major sites running vB, and they can not afford such a change without a solid version, etc etc…

i was also invited by a lot of members here to continue anyway and offer more of my products, even if they were to be paid stuff… that is something to evaluate!

anyway, there are changes in the house, not the style but in the mood and the goals. we’ll see in the next hours how all this is going.


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  1. some of the changes applied to my decisions were coming after the little crisis on, but as i was planning to close the site in the next months already, what came from was just a 1% of the decisions made… nothing related to Paul or anybody else… you do not have to tell me i have to forget about these persons, i’m not frustrated about them, and no decision in my life was ever based on their behavior…

    there was already some discussions about my future as vB coder for a long time, and some important people were involved in the roadmap, but on a long term, it was obvious that i may change my mind depending on what i had on the table the day the decision had to be made… it was 2 days ago, and in the last 2 days, a lot of things that were awaited for long came to fall on the table, so fast it was hard to follow.. 🙂

    so you’ll all be informed of the situation in the next days.

    btw, for the interested, there will have about 20 situations/jobs to be filled on this site if i decide to go with the positive decision.

  2. Outstanding, I will be a regular visitor here 😉 Any way I can help let me know, will be interested in any site work you have here here, its a great site with so much going for it and i believe its full potential has not been realised. So glad you decided to hang in there, i do not think you will regret it. 😀

  3. not shocked enough btw, there was only one thread, from Shelley, regarding my kick, and it was more of a policy inquiry than a real interest… she is just jealous that i was deleted completely.. lol

    and btw, i’m not gone, i’m just kicked from… i was requested to continue the combat.. 😉

    … Shazz, please, refrain to post infos about me on, they do not want that, i’m not willing either.

  4. wow, i was like wtf is going on !!!! Oh well we have to move on to big and better things.Like most company it wont last to long. Look at « Chrysler » …lol i know but ceratin compnay thinks there business is going to last till they go bankrupt.

    But anyways i hope you continue your work here.I happen to like your style of coding :0)


  5. Too bad I just registered here and did not get to know you and your works way earlier. 🙂
    I really love this and hope you continue with your great work.

    I suggest you insert an « Hire me » area, where people like me, can also pay for custom vb works. Would be great. And a few bucks for you nice additions will not kill anyone. ^^

  6. wow, I admire your talent Nexi, but yes u’re a troublemaker 🙂
    I’m going through life sooo smooth 😉
    maybe you have to polish your character a little more for humanity sake…

    hey! u know me I’m honest LOL

  7. you’re so a running gag Josh, it’s amazing… lol

    from what you say, i would have to calm down, be a sheep and do what people want, just because people want it?…

    i’m no trouble-maker, voicing an opinion is not making trouble (you know it, you voice yourself as often as i do)… the trouble comes when the person who hear the opinion is not able to understand the situation and continue to ignore everybody, playing monkey-shine…

    … anyway, i may be a trouble-maker, but at least i’m doing what i think is good, and i can even change my mind and opinion based on what i learn and what people share with me…

    that’s why i am changing mind on what to do with the site, closing it or not. I’m not a weathercock, like some would imagine… but i’m evaluating all the possibilities, sometimes i’m quick to announce a thing, but if i have to change my mind, i admit it, instead of saying everybody to shut up because i’m the boss… 😉

  8. Glad to see you are sticking around Nexia..even if for a short while. Now, are you planning on continuing development of iTrader? If so, I am telling you..I will be willing to pay or anything like that as long as I am promised support.


  9. you will pay, you will pay Curtis… lol

    actually i never thought of leaving the development of these engines is the site was still running…as i have a 18 months schedule signed and sealed, you can be sure i will work on iTrader a lot.. lol

  10. @nexia 21154 wrote:

    you will pay, you will pay Curtis… lol

    actually i never thought of leaving the development of these engines is the site was still running…as i have a 18 months schedule signed and sealed, you can be sure i will work on iTrader a lot.. lol

    Hey nexi glad to see your not giving up for good. I don’t personally use any of the modifications but I definitely recognize the effort. I believe you should start selling some of your scripts. I’m not very aware of the licensing status of iTrader, but I think you would pull in some nice funds for it. Even if not iTrader you can conjure something else up I know. Gah I sound like a total kiss ass, but I think it’s just been kick but what you’ve done these past 2 weeks lol.

    People are going to talk trash and try to belittle you, just tell your self « F. the B.S. » and keep stacking forward.

    Keep up the great work man I definitely support you and the site.

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