What’s up with vBulletin future

You’re working with the vBulletin codes, and you are planning new products for the next weeks, months… and what with vB 4.0?

Personally, as announced in a lot of occasions, i don’t plan to work with the new 4.0 generation of vB, because i already have a lot to do with the 3.x generation and i have too much invested in that generation to let it go because of a new version.

So what do i plan, personally?… continue to offer support to the 3.x version, releasing more of the products i have in the backstore, so my clients will prefer to stick with their 3.x version instead of switching.

This is not a big movement of the masses, but i suppose that 100 or 200 clients willing to use my tools for the next years will be enough for me to sustain with the actual program.

What about you?… who started to play with the 4.0?… even if there is an NDA, i know that some vB coders already have the beta in hands… what do you think of the previews?

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  1. I personally am not worried. My sites run just fine on 3.8 and could see them doing so for at least a few years. I am curious though. Where are the screenies for it? I dont go to vb.com to much. WAY to stuffy for me.

  2. Not sure I like the new threadbit, so far.

    I am all over the CMS though. It could be a deciding factor. With the new VB system I could potentially cut 4 major addons from just my one site. The proposed pricing doesnt scare me either. LOL I actually think its quite fair.

  3. price and functions are ok… it’s on the coders side that things go different.. the client side is what i want to hear from people like you, you are experienced and have some specific needs that others could not give, just because they operate a fan site, not a real community with thousands of active members.

  4. Since my site does contain a lot of custom works and a few nice hacks, I dont consider to update my main website to vb4. Too much work `n shit. Except those security patches, which are a must have.

    But I would give vb4 a go, if I think of another website. But my old projects will stay vb3 ;p

    By the way…we still can just copy nice stuff out of vb4 to vb3. So whers the prob?! lol
    The threadbit does not look bad at all. I like the posts and views counting in one gap and also the new styled forumpages list in the bits. Old looks crapy. Maybe nexia can bring this bevore vb4 actually pops out? haha 😀

  5. sure i can bring this out… templates are just templates.

    btw, i have about 30+ iterations of postbits, threadbits, forumbits… so you just have to use them and your forum look a little bit different from the others, without having to change your style or something… i will post that stuff soon…

  6. YIKES code error Warning: Division by zero in [path]/includes/functions_credits.php on line 28 on this page Nex. Wudja break? LOL

    Not sure I like the threadbit because it is a drastic difference and my users DONT like drastic difference. Other then that, I like that two columns are combined to one too.

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