Hey how come your vbulletin.org membership is deleted?

What happened?

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  1. Stu, there is no history, there will be no history…

    why everybody want to know what is unneeded in their life?

  2. Well actually it’s quite important because now all (but one?) of the original development team have left Jelsoft and Internet Brands appear to have been incompetent in managing the ownership of Jelsoft, and development of vB4 is in the hands of people who are less than capable, the future of vB is in doubt. This affects my business. So if you have an opinion about vB4 or left the community because of it, I have an interest.
    I want to know what all long terms contributors to vB.org think about the future of vBulletin.

  3. Ok, first i thought you wanted to know what made me quit vb.org… this is different from knowing what i think about vb 4.0…. two different topics.

    ok, i will start with your ending… the long term for contributors at vb.org?… they all quit, because vb 4.0 is a complete new engine… actually 90% of it is different from the 3.8 version… it is natural, because a new generation (3.x to 4.x) mean a complete different way to deal with details… but instead of continuying the path of the old engine and add new features or refining the engine, they simply switch to a complete new engine.

    why will i not work with 4.0 ?!… because it’s bullshit. reason why the templating engine is a Smarty with testosterones?!.. because most of the sites driven by IB are built with Smarty and they are happy with that engine, all their coders work with that, it would cost them hundreds just to switch to something new. next?… Smarty is obsolete, abandonned for 2 years already… it still live because fans like it…. not everybody btw.

    also, because 4.0 is a different engine… it’s not a forum anymore. vBulletin was great as a forum, the 4.0 is 50% a CMS, 25% a forum and 25% of gadgets… let the enhancers like me develop gadgets, and focus on the forum i said…

    99% of the coders at vb.org will not be able to continue, because they will hate to take months to learn all the details of the new engine. there is no beta or RC available, there will be an official release, that’s all… so, no coder will have time to learn the new stuff and release new addons before the official. this is taking the coders at vb.org for lambs… these guys, not only me, are there since the begining, and nobody there is respected by the new company. since IB have taken control of Jelsoft, there is no more heart here…

    so, why was i banned from vb.org?!… because i’m one of the few to be able to voice my opinions publically. each time Paul M « the master » talk on the forum, it is to shit on someone or stop a conversation… NEVER he bring something interesting on the table, he never contribute positively to the site… never.

    also, i’m one of the first ever member on that site, i was there on vbhackers, i was there when Boofo, Erwin, Xenon and most of the others have joined… and from what i see, these new « supposed » volunteers are not there for the fun of participating to a community full of life, they are all there for their butt’s seat. Princeton is not coding anymore, he is not even visiting the site anymore… same for Marco, who is now the sheep of Jelsoft on vb.org… oh, and btw, volunteers are nominated by their friends, they are not answering a situation offer… so it’s far from being representative of the life on vb.org…

    if you remember well, that site is about modifications of vBulletin… but none of the staff is coding anymore… they never represented the coders who are the essence of the site. they are not even respected because their only goal is to moderate and control everybody’s mind. When people are always complaining for the same topics, it’s because something’s wrong… when everybody complaint about situations, something have to be made… not « evaluated and abandonned in the myst of the backyard »…

    people are not happy on vb.org because they are not represented, they do not feel in contact with the deciders… none of the vb.org coders have a right to opinion on vb.com or when Jelsoft decide to recode the engine… no right to opinion, but all the new features added to vb are based on existing codes from vb.org … cheat, lies and copyright infrigements — that remembers me of why my account was deleted… :

  4. And as you ask why i’ve been banned from vb.org, here is a good screenshot posted here 2 weeks ago:


    as Paul’s biggest fun is to try to trace all my words and me look like an imbecile, just because i’m french speaking and sometime my words are not right, he developped an habbit to just be moron in public by answering that kind of stuff… (if you read the thread where that comment was posted, you see that he acted like he was the one involved in the discussion when nobody ever talked about him)…

    oh, btw, HE deleted my post so nobody even Ray Morgan could trace my comments…

    He threatened me to ban me, then in my answer i just told him to shut up and stop harrassing me… and i told him to ban me right now or get out of my way, because he had no « administrative » reason to ban me… he banned me because he hates me, personal reason not related to the administration of vb.org.

    and why did i request to see my account deleted?… as already a bunch of buddies here and there are informed of the situation, i can post it again, as people are to be informed so they stop asking…

    i threatened Jelsoft and IB to apply a lawsuit against Paul M and Jelsoft if my account could not be recovered in the minutes. the only alternative was to delete my account completely deleted and my released trashed.

    this was not a decision by the vb.org administration, but by me and Ray Morgan, the representative of IB on Jelsoft. It was obvious by reading Ray Morgan’s answer to my ban reason that there was not hope to see my personal status respected anymore on that site.

    my pm box was emptied, but if i remember correctly, Ray Morgan said something like  » the administration of Jelsoft and its websites staff is to make the members respect the staff and reply accordingly… »

    so if i say Paul M to stop bothering me, i’m attacking him. if i say to the vb.org admins that people would like some improvements in the mood, they think i threat them to destroy the site… kinda like it!

    last month, Ray asked me to comment the mood on vb.org because i complained about Paul M and Princeton when they commented someone else’s opinion on the site.. they were greatly lacking respect and that was obvious they were shiting on his head… when i pmed Ray with a 2500 lines of text to explain how i see things, the only reply i ever had was a « hmmmm, ok »…

    not even a quoted comment, nothing… just « shut up, you’re bothering me with your pointless complaints »…

    and i know i’m not the only one to see it that way, you said so yourself, Spinball…

    anyway… i’m not rich, or i would hire 10 guys to code a new project…

    … someone got 500 grands to invest?.. lol

  5. Thanks for your honest reply. I personally am very worried by the events and I wish everyone else knew what I know about what has happened behind the scenes.
    They wouldn’t be so optimistic about the future of vBulletin, I’ll tell you.
    Personally I think that vB4 will be a disaster and people will migrate in their droves to an alternative.

  6. going to an alternative is not a problem for anybody but Jelsoft… if they fail to deliver a proper product, it’s their own fault. they decided to accept IB’s deal and sold the business for money… i would do the same… but they also decided to keep running the project until everybody leave the staff in frustration — even if a lot of them said they were leaving for health of family matters… that’s a pathetic joke… it’s more like politicians.

    If you know that people are to leave and go to someplace else, the only solution is to become that place… the only problem is to become that place, and it requires a lot of money.

  7. Interesting. My only thought, well I have many but these days I can’t be bothered. You allowed mr X to drive you out, it’s what they do, it’s what they do well with the majority of people though for a person of your talent it’s a shame you felt you had to delete your account because of one mans endeavour to retrict the peoples voice. Of course this wasn’t the only reason (not something i will get into). They tried it with me, and they failed and will continue to fail. I will leave the org when i see fit and I feel this is what you should have done.

    You did kind of insult the way he deals with his wife, this would have been the reason for mr x to harrass you, not condoning it, but the motive is there plain and simple for all to see if they look in the right thread. He had beef with you as soon as you made that comment and wasn’t going to stop.

    Like I have said and will always say. you take away the contributions from the org and you have nothing. Members make that site while volunteers live off the backbone of the contributors contributions. And, the thing about it is they get the thanks for it which is misguided.

    Regardless of that, nice smileys, they are different. :grin_Grin:

  8. Hum, what’s the relation between me and his wife again?… is it just an image, or i missed something?…


    i never said i decided to leave because of Paul’s attitude against me… actually it was like 1% of why i found vB.org to be wrong. If it was only Paul, it would’ve been a long time i’d move on his back and kick him of the community myself. I’m one of the guys who pushed him to the admins, and this is something you do not know as you were not there yet on the site, Shelley… It’s part of history .):

    I did not « allow » Paul to kick me, he went nuts on his own… and this was not the reason why i think vB.org is now a place with no future… You simply have to go to the Mods section of the site and look at the stats:

    releases for 3.5: 1626
    releases for 3.6: 2089
    releases for 3.7: 1367
    releases for 3.8: 737

    … what are the differences between 3.6 and 3.8 ?!… 90% of the 3.6 products could’ve been moved to the 3.8 without many upgrades in the codes… but 50% of them were abandonned by their coders, who left the community.

    it’s been 2 years, and the number of code releases dropped of 60%… why?… the arrival of InternetBrands in the portrait, and the difference in the administration of the site are to be considered.

    why that much coders stopped releasing and supporting their own work?… the forum software itself was enhanced, and the products engine was a gift for the coders, so logically the coders would’ve been more numerous to release their stuff, not the opposite.

    one of these reasons is that a lot of the coders from the 3.5/3.6 generation are now professionals, they leave the community because they have no place on vb.org… their work is not applaused anywhere, they have to start their own site and leave because they can not advertise their work… if they do, they are banned because they do. check the guys who are going pro these days: Darkwaltz4/PixelFX, Lionel, TheVbGeek, MicroHellas, s7v7n, Juan Muriente, Lizard King, Loco.M, DrewM, Excalibur, etc… they are still chatting on vb.org, but their work is in blank. they have great codes available but nobody can see it if they are not clicking their signatures… there is no place on the web for them to advertise. that’s what we call « community support for enhancement and commercial work »…

    When you go to the Paid Services forum, 90% of the requests are from fan sites admin with no budget… they talk about « good money », but at 14 years old, good money is the pocket money their moms give them to buy some chewing gum… if you go to sitepoint, getafreelancer, or rentacoder, you see job calls with budgets all above 500$… rare on vb.org. why?… not because of the coders available on vb.org, but because the real clients does not care about vb.org, they do not trust that site. there is too much examples of scammers and morons coders… the admins even let leechers release stolen codes.

    people always say they would like to see a different site with more professional services arise, but each time they hit the wall because nobody have the gutts to go for it. even when someone do it, the other coders fear to be kicked from vb.org so they do not applause, they do not even visit… see, even vbEnhancer.com is not so popular… reason: i’ve been banned.

  9. Oh, a note for the history again… why the guys in the admins are unable to upgrade the site?…

    1- they are not coders, they do not represent the goal of that site, they do not even participate. **
    2- 50% of all the hacks behind the code are from Erwin or Zenon, and they do not have a replacement solution, because of #1.
    3- they have no time to work on the software first because they do not know the 3.8 code, because of their lack of dedication.
    4- did i mention the lack of dedication?
    5- they do not have a proper administration structure. they are what, 3 real admins, who have other occupations… Princeton as example, left the work of coding, he is just there to write down the notices or hacknowkedge decisions… (hey, i’ve done a word twist here), and Marco is now too occupied shinning his Jelsoft assignation.
    6- they do not listen to the real coders/designers like you Shelley… so they have no idea what’s missing…

    i’m personally all for good ideas voted and executed.. .but one thing i like more is to release the ideas. if i code something that can be useful for my site, i also pack that code and release it… you see everything from vbE in the freebies right now. What would’ve been to pack all the modifications made for vb.org and release them on the site?… most of them were when Boofo, Xenon and Erwin were there, but then they were trashed in the graveyard (and now on vbEnhancer.com with all the possibilities to be re-released when i have time to do so)…

    A lot of things did go wrong at vb.org, and i’m not talking about my own situation, because i’ve been able to release a list of hacks lately for one reason, i was able to do so… nobody blocked me from doing it, so it’s not impossible to do it. nobody complained about it, not even Paul.. so it’s not because Paul’s frustration that i left the site… it’s because the site is now in bad shape, and i had enough of being related to that site…

    imagine, i even lost some good paid contracts because my name was everywhere on vb.org… someone even said: why would i let you work on my forum, you are a very active member on vb.org, and i hate people from that site

    **: will be hilarious if any of these guys come and sue me for that comment… they just have to proove the opposite and i will excuse myself and retract the comment.

  10. funny, i have some echoes coming from vb.org… i’m sure that if i posted this comment in vb.org, Princeton, that great admin and great councelor, would say  » never talk like that in a forum, you will kill your reputation, you have no right to talk about anybody like this, you have to show to your clients that you respect them entirely… « 

    yeap.. sure i do not have to spoil nobody’s reputation, i’m not doing it anyway, i don’t have to, people are able to be stupid on their own. i never listen to Princeton’s advices for one reason… he is not listening either… he is the absolute, all his words, even the periods are important, you have to read all his words and eat them like it would be your last meal… that’s bad for a community where you share thoughts and resources.

    i never was a leader for one reason… i’m too kind, i like to share, i want everybody’s opinion so we can all go forward, not just me… someone would say it may be the reason why all my work is so not-recognized… do i really care?… beside the fact that i’m not rich from my work, i don’t care. i’m able to make a living of my work, and that’s enough… when i work too much to become rich, my kids have no father, my wife have no husband, and my garbages are still in the kitchen…

    the point is… i’m far from perfect, but i do not intend to show you the opposite. i never said to « listen to me »… you do whatever you wish with my opinions, but at least you know i have an opinion… and most of the time, if you do not understand it, it’s a language barrier… words in english are way different from french, but at least i make the effort to try and communicate in your own language.

  11. Rehab Nexy?

    Josh will be happy to see you back. Pending it’s you which the chances are it is. Your like a rollercoaster. Don’t ask me for an analogy.

  12. rehab on what?… i’m not going back to vb.org, that’s the only thing that changed in my attitude in the last months…

    and Josh is well aware of my situation, he is member of vbE for ages… and he visit when he like… 🙂

  13. ROFL… hilarious… someone need friends, a lot of love and maybe someone to break his keyboard in pieces…

  14. Well upgrading to different forum is a huge problem. Aside from the inevitable down time, what about the mismatch in functionality? Members will not like losing some.
    And what about the additional mods for vB, some of which I have invested a lot of time and money in, which will need to be recreated for other software.
    It’s a huge problem.

  15. So here nexia is :p

    I noticed all your posts in the graveyard and then your account deleted. I made a post and it was closed.

    So, I got sent here now.

    I’m not nosy, but I do like your work and I know you’ve been a huge part of vBorg, so that’s why I care.

    After reading your post in this thread earlier, I TOTALLY agree with you. I see why you did stuff and I have to take your side on this one.

    I think MOST people are angry with the new system. I think vBcom has hit an all time low of members online these days. Usually it was in the top XXX or XXXX, now it’s in the low XXX and XX. So, I assume many people have left and second hand licenses are being sold all over the place.

    I agree with the vborg thing. All the good devs like Erwin, and Xenon left.. and THEY made a HUGE change at vborg. I remember when it was first started and those 2 and a few others made the biggest difference. It was sad to see them go, and after that things haven’t gotten any better.

    Now with some vB devs gone, I STILL don’t think things will get better. Personally, I’m thinking of using IPB as my next option real soon. It’s sad that Jelsoft was sold, that was the biggest mistake, but I HAD a feeling it was going to happen after John left.

    Also, with no public access for beta means devs are going to hate it. It’s another IB move and it’s a bad one. I feel sorry for the idiot in management, who SOLD Jelsoft to IB. That person made a HUGE mistake and probably should resign.

    BTW, I noticed that « rehab_nexia » name too. I wasn’t sure if it was you or some imposter.

  16. Youre right with all you said, FreshFroot,and the problem here is that everybody that will leave vBulletin in the near future will do it for IPB or phpBB, the two competitors of the script… and as Spinball also said, people may stick with vB just because they can not afford the big change in the softwares if they have to move to IPB of phpBB… or anyother.

    the only solution that we could find would be to stick with vB 3.8.x right now, and that’s why i continue to code for it… people will continue to have solutions for it even if vb.org is dying. but on long term, it is complicated… IB is not a king of market evaluation, they dropped their profits by millions last year on other branches, because they stick with their ideas instead of evoluting…

    i know that some guys started developing their own solutions to replace vBulletin — it’s quite easy though, any forum would do… but to have a software competing vBulletin, we have to invest in quality, not competitivity… 5 to 10 coders at full time for 6 months, it’s costly… 🙂 that’s why i require 500 grands.. rofl

  17. I reackon I’ll be using 3.8 for a good while yet. I would estimate atleast 2 years. I don’t even think i have a good reason to upgrade to series 4. That said, I would have no qualms about switching to another software even a free based one. The work I’m involved with can be adapted to fit any board with minimal effort unlike the coders who would need to do total re-writes if they were thinking of switching.

    IPB is a tempting thought. I was there for many years and the community is head and shoulders above the vbulletin community.

    Or as nexia stated a brand new software which would require a fair few full time coders, developers, idealists designers etc is very appealing. I worked with a developer on a forum software and I have to say it’s one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had the privilege to work on. The thought of it is appealing and a curious one at that. I bet with some of the talent the software could be amazing at the very least but this is wishfull thinking imo.

    Anyway. Nexia I cannot post anything here. You hate me now and removed my posting privelages I had a couple of psd sets or is this forum purely for code. anyway. Hello.

  18. ROFL… yeah, sorry for the permissions Shelley, i’ll be fixing that for some long-term members/lovers like you…

    reason is that we’re heading to a commercial-like site where coders who want to advertise have to subscribe a little $ for the return, but hey, i have to fix that too, John and i were discussing about it lately, and looks like i’m the one to fix all the logics after John’s messes.

    *John is like « John Doe »… sorry i can not name him properly, his real name is in chinese.. lol

  19. The intention (for me) wasn’t to post to gain work or any financial incentive from posting here. My online work is free and if it brings a few people here then that is good enough for me. I’ll search for some stuff I haven’t posted elsewhere so there’s some exclusive works that members here can download.

  20. i know you are not searching for profits or paid jobs, i know it from the day we met… the subscription here was just — hum… bloat…. rofl…

    you’re corrected now… 🙂

  21. SMARTY?? Please tell me you joking! *gasp*

    I have stuff that runs on smarty and I HATE it! LOL

  22. @UncoderMom 21507 wrote:

    SMARTY?? Please tell me you joking! *gasp*

    I have stuff that runs on smarty and I HATE it! LOL

    Smarty is very powerful and user friendly

  23. @Taragon 21552 wrote:

    Smarty : Template Engine

    Thanks :grin_Grin::grin_Heart:

    @nexia 21556 wrote:

    ARGH, come on Taragon, people have to learn how to use google, do not let them be lazy… lol

    Nexy, I googled it bubt it came up with a kids sweet we have in this country…



    Awwww Now I want some smarties…

  24. hum, why do you ask where to subscribe when you’re already subscriber…

    and yes, i’ll update that problem you just reported there… it’s an easy fix, i’ll do it right now.

  25. @nexia 21585 wrote:

    hum, why do you ask where to subscribe when you’re already subscriber…

    I just subscibed after I found the link :grin_Grin:
    @nexia 21585 wrote:

    and yes, i’ll update that problem you just reported there… it’s an easy fix, i’ll do it right now.

    Thank you, just finding my way around just now

  26. Not in any fashion I have ever used it. LOL

    I guess I would say that the current vb template system far surpasses ease of use over smarty. JMO For me its the lack of ftp use, I guess. LOL I suppose that vb would some how incorporate a front end admin system though… I’d hope.

  27. Wow!!!
    the only thing I can say is: wait for me to become rich and I will buy vB for you 😉

    p.s. This is like a vB-Soup-Opera 😀

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