Members opinions requested…

Hi, ok, here is June coming, this is the month where i have the worst time finding ideas for new products…

So i’d like to have the members opinions and suggestions on what you’d like to see as features for vBulletin, things that do not exists or are actually working bad so you’d like a change to be made.

I can not be sure to code everything, but i’ll try… 🙂

You can post your new ideas in the Concept Box!

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  1. Bevore start coding new stuff i´d recommend fixing existing nexia additions first? 🙂

    I want a sexy « Private Messaging Shelled ».
    And I´ve mentioned the vb4 threadbit already. That be a pretty addition and I am thinking of moreeeee… :=)


  2. There’s a mod that exsisted for vBulletin 3.6 that the coder abandoned.
    It is a product that allows a moderator to stay anonymous when he gives an infraction.
    It allowed me to set a certain useraccount (in my case I called it forumBot) which send the PM’s to the users when they received an infraction.
    Might be a good idea to pick that one up?

    Also I have been looking for a product (without any luck) that makes text with the code tags highlight certain keywords. You would have to add a parameter to the code tag (for ex. [.code lang=php] [./code]) and it would format the text for readability.

  3. for the first request, i have that product in stock, i suppose i can see if i can rewrite it to work my way… but yes, anonymous infractions is possible…

    for the thing, there is [php] already which is highlighting it properly, and there was a [latex] one in the past... i suppose i can ask Lizard if his highlighter can be borrowed for here!.. ;)[code] thing, there is [php] already which is highlighting it properly, and there was a [latex] one in the past... i suppose i can ask Lizard if his highlighter can be borrowed for here!.. 😉

  4. I want to see a stationary navbar that locks to the bottom of the page, like face book. It must have ajax notifications as well as links like my profile, friends, albums and « my albums. Maybe even a edit my profile.

    If you could put in a « whos in chat for flashchat, that would be awesome too!

    Sounds do-able? LOL

  5. hum, there is already one or two hacks on that permit to do so… but about the introduction forum, i could make a more packaged product, with this restriction to one thread per author as their introduction… 😉

    because i have that introduction hack somewhere *(another that i thought to have released in the last weeks but did not)… where you have an introduction field in the registration and where if the visitor do not fill it, receive a usergroupid that force him/her to post a new introduction in forumX before being able to activate the account…

    i’ll see what i can do though… for both suggestions.

  6. @UncoderMom 22385 wrote:

    I have a new request for you Nex! :p

    I need an option to change edit time limit per usergroup. ITs a little lame that its a global feature. grrr.

    hum, you’re back hey…

    yeah, i can take a look… it’s not complicated… i suppose! just the bitfield thing that is horrible

  7. nexia@vBSetup wrote:
    btw, i have my own engine, which let the admin the choice of deletion: banned group, complete deletion, request a reason for deletion, moderated deletions, etc… plenty of choices to let the users know the site is trustable… fake deletion is stupid if you ask me, even the deleted users could be retrieved quickly anyway *(i also have that engine which re-link a new user to a deleted user)

    Could you either release this or point me in the direction of something similar? Thanks 🙂

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