Progress Update..

Ok, here is just a quick status update on where i am:
– Currently I am working on making the new payment APIs as an independent product so they can be released to developers for future use. I am about a week away from finishing this (mostly just testing, probably less)
– After i finish that i am building the points engine which should be really quick because the biggest part (the payment engine) will be done. Probably 2-3 weeks
– And finally after that finishing the releases engine, which is about 75% done already, this will probably be a month to 6 weeks away.

If this time line is too slow for what you want tell me and we can figure something out:grin_Wink:

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  1. i’m not really in rush, if you say your tool will be perfect on due time, i’m all ok… i’ll have to focus on releasing freebies.. lol

    though i’d like to force you to test everything under a clean vB, with a table_prefix, and uninstall completely before re-importing any debugged version, so you will see everything wrong… that’s part of what you did not do with the versions i received and that’s why we had these pathetic bugs… 🙂

  2. Yeah i have 2 test boards set up now one where i make the products and another that resets itself every week for testing.

    i think to make development and my life a little easier i’ll make it so the payment apis can only be used for buying credits because of the the payment processors themselves work.

  3. you can always recode it to permit the purchase of something else, but i personally think that you will bring more clients to the points system if your engine is dedicated. if you provide the payment API to coders, they will be able to generate their own engines with it… like for some classified engine, or the new engines from MicroHellas who decided again to leave last week-end.. 🙂

  4. Ok so i am currently working on the Points engine right now i am testing ordering points and i have been having vary little success i have gotten paypal to work out of the 7 i want to have work. As far as the releases engine it self it is at the farthest point it can be with out the points engine.

  5. Yeah i will probably just make paypal work give you the product then eventually add the other payment engines. I expect to be able to give you the Points engine Wednesday, with:
    – Ability to purchase credits
    – set up pay to post or earn points by posting
    Thats all it really needs anyway right? 😉

  6. for this site there is no need to earn any point, people just purchase them and spend them on releases — future…. so there is no rush to give the product to me until you have your release engine, as people will not be able to purchase anything anyway…yet!

    take your time, i do not need it that much right now, i want it to be working complete… i can test it, but will not use it until i have the whole thing anyway…

  7. Yeah good point we should probably not even release the points engine unless we get a special request as the Releases engine will have an option of what points engine to use.

    Btw: if all you need for now is the points engine with Paypal Support i just finished testing and it works great.

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