Mark Remover

As requested by cloni:

Do you want to get rid of the + or the * in front of the usernames in who’s online and logged-in users in different places on the forum?

This small product is doing it for you…


and the result looks like this:


As usual, it’s a simple product import, no template or file edit…

2 réponses sur “Mark Remover”

  1. A note… This product is good when you have a ton of styles on your site and do not want to edit them… if you prefer editing your templates instead of using a product, you simply have to do this:

    in template named forumdisplay_loggedinuser

    find $loggedin[invisiblemark]$loggedin[buddymark]

    delete the part you want to deactivate…
    $loggedin[invisiblemark] will add a * after the username of the invisible members (usually only admins see them)
    $loggedin[buddymark] will add a + for your contacts/buddies

    same thing for the template named memberinfo_visitorbit

    find $user[invisiblemark]$user[buddymark]

    and delete the part you do not want.

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