Making Credits/Points into Cash

Ok, right now with my points engine you can buy points and money goes from the clients paypal into the companys to « back up » the points, now i am working on making users be able to make their points back into cash (buisness -> to client) the problem is i can’t think of the logic with paypal? if you have any ideas with this please say

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  1. hum, that’s the part i never got… i think we really need a commercial account with the sandbox *(i do not remember the details) so we interact with the account properly… registering a transaction is different…

    personally, i would make that refund process completely moderated… people request their refund which goes to moderation queue. once the admin access that queue, he activate the process to refund the members… each transaction have to be validated by hand, so the admin is aware of a paypal error etc…

    that’s what I would do… 😉

  2. Yeah we should probably just keep this points engine for us as it will be a lot easier to keep things specialized for us rather then making a general engine. btw with paypal refunds its only for 60 days and you wouldnt be able to customize the amount, i think the best option would be to have when a user requests a transfer it goes into a table waiting for approval if an admin approves it is added to another table that uses the Mass Payment Paypal api in a CRON job that runs once a day, and if the admin disproves it will ask them for a reason then delete the request and PM the user.

  3. hey, stop that, you just say the exact same thing as i did, just in different words… that’s not funny at all….:grin_Crying:


    btw, i don’t think we need to keep it for us, people who really have a need for it will buy it anyway, because they can not live without it… people can adjust themselves depending on how the engine works.

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