Active Users Legend

Very simple display of each usergroups you decide to put in the legend, to gives you the choice to display a legend of the usergroups markups in the active users listing.


It’s a simple product upload too, and here are the settings in the menu of the same name:


Remember a detail… this is the only version in the vB industry that will display the legend in forumdisplay and showthread, where you activate the setting « Show Users Browsing »…

it is active on this site, you can see it on reading the bottom of this page!

note: updated to 1.0.1, by suggestion from [user]Shelley[/user], i reinstaured the usergroup selection by number instead of the selection box… so you can decide the order of display of each usergroupid. also, i try to fix the seperation of the activeusers list, reported by[user]Shelley[/user].

note: updated on wed. feb. 24, 2010, trimming values to make sure they do not display empty... now version 1.0.2

IMPORTANT: you have to UNINSTALL the version 1.0.0 before installing the 1.0.1… or you will have twice the display and some other typos.

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  1. I installed this earlier and had to insert a break in a template (forumhome_loggedinuser) as the legend appeared on the same line as the users currently online. As soon as I inserted the
    all was fine and displayed as it should.

    Not a biggie, But I bolded the word « legend » and captilized the « L » might want to apply this in the product. Other than that all seems to be good.

    And thanks for a nice product. Much appreciated.

  2. I think something did mess with your product nexy. I’ve looked into my css and it’s a bit of a state which I’ll look at later and remove the
    Something in there is definitely conflicting with it.

    I don’t know whether your taking suggestions for this product nexy but would be nice if a display order option so you could set the display orders of groups within the legend.

  3. Yeah, I thinking the option to order the groups would be nice. I just applied the « banned » group and this group shows up after administrators and before moderators & registered where i think the banned group would be better placed last. Eitherway, it looks the part so I’m happy.

    Really breaks out the bottom of the page nicely.

  4. product updated to version 1.0.1, and first post edited… you have to UNINSTALL first…

    oh, and an addition, it also display in the last row of the online.php page… 🙂

    … edit: i edited the style for the online.php, as it was strange looking and the vb template is horrible to work with… i made a seperate block…

    btw, you can edit the template called « nex_active_users_legend_wol »

  5. @xOBKx 21850 wrote:

    I didn’t particularly like the use of a

    , it’s kinda old school.. 😉

    I used the same div padding method as Jelsoft used to add the vBulletin Blog stats (

    That’s looking nice xOBKx. Here’s mine (couldn’t provide a link, the forum isn’t open to the public yet.)

  6. That’s why i do not encrypt my products… people like you can play with them… 🙂

    @xOBKx 21850 wrote:

    I didn’t particularly like the use of a

    , it’s kinda old school.. 😉

    I used the same div padding method as Jelsoft used to add the vBulletin Blog stats (

    and I AM old school… i’m 38… rofl

  7. @nexia 26235 wrote:

    hum, oh, i see… a 4.0 version is needed for the change of design…

    i’ll see if i can get a hand on a 4.0 install and start working on some 4.0 updates… 🙂

    Nexy, if you need a testing site (with the latest suite release installed) just ask me … i can give you all what you need 😉

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