New Products with lifetime support and no copyright notice

As you know already, i’m ready to release some paid products here, and i have to inform everybody right now about what comes with each script:

1- Each release comes with its own sub-forum, and you need to purchase the product/subscription to have access to support and the files.

2- Lifetime support. When you pay for a product, there is no yearly fee or anyother cost… this is applied to any version and bugfix.

3- No License/Copyright notice. There is already no notice in any of my products, this is also the case for the paid products. So there is no « branding free » option here.

4- There is no callback function in any of my scripts, so i’m not tracking if you installed the script on the right site… what that mean?… you can install the script on any site you own, no matter the number you have.

The only detail i’d like you to respect is the fact that you paid for it… i sure think you will want the others to pay for it too, so you do not pay for no reason. Do not pirate my scripts so you are paying fair trade and i support the engine in a better way.

You pay for the script, but also for the support related to it. For customization though, you will have to PM me so we can make a deal on that.

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  1. hum, already a pm about these details… so i add a note:

    A: about #2… support and access are privileges granted by subscription. read these words… « privileges », « granted »… that means that if you harrass me with stupid questions, or make everything possible to make my life an hell, you will loose this privilege.

    5- Refund: there is no refund by request. You already know what the script does and in which situations, because the demo is HERE… i always make it really easy to understand the situation, so do not tell me that my script is impossible to understand. If you purchase it, you already know it and like it. __IF__ for any reason you have configuration problems, instead of requesting a refund, ask me for support, as the direct support is included in the fees.

    5a- there will be automatic refund by request for any script that i release and have to cease support for any reason. That is a guaranty that if you want to be refund for a script that is abandonned, you will be refund.

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