My position regarding InternetBrands

A lot of things changed at Jelsoft..

99% of the staff moved, for whatever personal reasons they announced, the fact is that they are now replaced with a complete new development team.

The development leak we saw weeks ago is a prank to what they do not say. people/members at and try to evaluate what’s going on and what will be… pointless… why do they feel interested when they have no interest in the business… they just have too much time to loose if you ask me.

Most of the people that complain about how IB deal with the situation have no idea whatsoever on what is a business… they are admins on fan sites, they own a parenting site or even worst… how can they evaluate the path of a big company like IB?… they can not, they complain like the regular drama queens, because they have too much spare time. On my side, i can see what’s going on, i deal with that kind of businesses for ages. as an example, 2 years ago i suggested to Escalate to stop the pushing on marketing and banners… they refused to hear, they did not like my way to see things… and now, they loose their flagships one after the other…, Yada, etc… why?.. because these sites were better left alone and that’s something Lee did not understand, because he was closed to the idea. I know the market, i know what-not to do, and i know that IB is actually making a serious move to their profit… i like it. I do not know the background of it, but i seriously doubt the old staff of Jelsoft left because they were kicked out. When we are competent, we do not leave on a big wave.

btw, would i continue to name the company « Jelsoft » ?? bah.. i prefer the term « IB|vB »… 😉 Jelsoft itself is dead, nobody there is to say the opposite. It was ingested into IB and i think it’s a good thing if they want to continue the development on their own way.

Why some Jelsoft guys think i’m a moron and a complete shit of troll?… hum, because they are jealous maybe? This have nothing to do with the business of coding some enhancements for vBulletin, i can say that… or if?! they stole so much things from the guys when they needed ideas for 3.x… that may be a reason why they can not smell me… because i continue to have ideas and they can not legally steal my work without asking.

That’s also why need a revamp. At first, the guys at Jelsoft were able to see the use of any hack released there, and they just had to duplicate them and integrate our ideas without even asking permission… I don’t care if they say the opposite, it’s too pathetic. It was proven so much times that each good idea released on was then integrated into the next version of vB… i could count and put on the timeline at least 500 of them… i have the codes, i have the released versions, i can show you. but i will not loose my time on that. Ok, so need to be rebuilt, but why?… to permit the releasers to have a better place on the market… not that IB need competition, but they need more enhancements, they need « free » support for their software, they need competent coders who can code outside the box. The more real efficient tools released on, the more clients will purchase vB 4.0 to have the most versatile engine on the market. It can not be made without the gurus.

I’m not keen on the templates system… so what, will i leave for that?… if i’m not happy, i can recode it. i can offer a better solution for my clients if i need to. I am not happy with the CMS logics… will i leave ?… i just have to go with my knowledge and modify it to fit my needs…

That’s why vB 4.0 will be interesting… 3.X was already interesting, but the new structure of the vB 4.0 code will help developing alternatives… so i can make more tools, i can offer more services and i can even suggest my work to IB if i feel i could make profit from it, and that’s what i plan on making.

And what with the MTF engine… Drew is still independant with it, as i left it to him, because i think he can develop way faster without me in his path. That’s a great piece of softcode that can be added to vb 4.0 way easily, as it is coded in OOP, which vb 4.0 appreciate.

So, what’s left to do? what will i do in the next months?

As i said in an earlier thread about my situation, i’m still coding for the 3.8.x line, and i will still do it until the 3.8.x is abandonned by IB. I suggested to Ray Morgan that a side-site be developped to continue the legacy of 3.8 after the 4.0 release… because it’s a complete different engine, like two generations apart, and people will still have the choice to run their site with the 3.8 so they need support, they need releases… i’d like to handle such a site, like i’m actually releasing 3.8 only codes. I could easily rejoin members that left because i work in a different path, i could also take-over left/abandonned releases like i’ve done in the past also… This is something IB need to evaluate seriously so they do not loose any client, they could even gain some.

what with… bah, i’m still member there, i do not say a word, they don’t even know i’m there… i have more than 30 clients accounts on, so how could they track all my clients. I’m not pirating, i’m just bored of Paul’s attitude so i do not show up… he could not ban me again because his PMS. I’m not interested in the actual structure, the site need a complete rebuild, like IB is doing with Jelsoft… is the fan extension of, but it’s different. it need to become the place where commercial coders can advertise, where they could support more tools than just the core of vB. Having a real commercial directory would bring profits and visibility to IB, and for sure a lot of coders from other projects would advertise their bu$ine$$e$.

The actual administration structure is for lazies… Paul prefer integrating his own products without any announcement instead of giving useful solutions to the actual bugs on the site… his « Unread Posts » addon is completely pointless, he placed it there to show he is able to code useful tools only… nobody ever requested to see this on the… instead, 10s of other kind of requests are rejected by Paul because he have no time to spend on debugging… how responsible. is supposed to be a showroom for vB enhancements, not for the staff asses. it is not even a showroom of vB, because they refuse to update the site, they refuse to have a style that reflect vBulletin, they have that dark ugly style that can be replicated on millions of sites and have no taste. That site need a complete rehearsal, it need to be cleared of the existing stuff and staff, and it have to be driven by commercial pros, code gurus and paid staff. investing 50K on a site like this would bring back all the lost clients and would tease hundreds of new clients that are always in search of solutions…

one thing that is bad on… the « Pre-Sales » forum… it is supposed to be for presales questions, but each time someone ask a technical question, they are kicked out with a stupid unpersonal sentence… « You are currently showing up as unlicensed., blah blah blah… »… hey morons, that’s the goal of the forum, asking before being licensed. And why a pre-sales if the site is not tend to have sales… two sites was never a good solution. people have to register twice, have to verify their accounts etc… i’m sure 75% of the members have two accounts for one goal. Could we not simply have a sub-forum to handle the products?…

a real place where coders are welcome, that’s what need to be… a place where they can show their potential, so « maybe » one day IB would buy their releases, IB would even be able to hire some guys for specific projects and extensions… that’s something IB can do already, but as they do not have a real place like that, they have to announce new job calls, they have to check far away to see new coders for vB… they have a good list on, but if they are to be refered from the admins, i’m sure none of the real coders is refered… because admins actually want to keep their asses cleared. see how it goes with me… i’m banned from because i’m useful to the community. in releases and support, i may be one of the 20 most useful guys there, and i’m not even respected.

anyway, this is not a rant, it’s a display of what’s going on with me regarding IB… i like how they drive right now *(and don’t add that i like what they did with the Jelsoft guys, i’m not happy about that, but that is business…)

See me in the future!

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  1. Oh, and about something i said earlier with the possibility to go coding for another project… bring me 250 grands and i will evaluate the project… i have to hire staff and develop for one year to make a real thing.

    …so you can suppose i will not work on anything else until i have something tangible in hands…

  2. Interesting. Very. I might have said, you couldn’t have said this while you were at the org? then, I’m sure you would have been hanged. You point out on some good facts and better still the possibility of a future place were coders/designers can flex their talents. Infact, I won’t bore you with my comments. Everything you said I couldn’t agree with more nexy.

    One thing I will point out (and it’s not bashing) I do agree that the current org staff need kicked out. The guy who is supposed to update and maintain this site doesn’t do that (over 3 years) and nothing. This is pure laziness for a person who took on the task of bettering a site. Our opinions/suggestions go ignored and make way (and i couldn’t agree with you more on this nexy) is that paul updates the org with the features he wants (pure selfishness).

    Myself, I have contributed to alot of big sites that have benefited from my suggestions (because guesswhat, when it comes to maintaining and running a graphics area) I know what I’m doing and what people want and expect.

    IB should really look into how the org is handled, how their customers are handled and how badly the site is left rotting in the wind. It needs fresh faces with expert coders/designers and other vital areas of people that excel in a specialized area of vbulletin.

    I rarely post at now but the same issues still occur and I expect they will until IB take’s a look at what is going on there, put’s a stop to it and builds a place that reflects the great potential could offer to it’s customers and better still potential customers

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