Roadmap for June/July

Ok, vacations are coming, and as some guys here already know, i’ll be on vacation « partly »… each week i go on camping with the kids, 3 or 4 days per week. We have a plan to drive 7500km this summer, so you can be sure we will see a lot of landscape…

on coding btw, i suppose i will see more codelines. In the next days i revisit all the existing products on this site to be sure they are all debugged completely on their actual version. Then i check what i have in the backstore to release what was not uploaded yet… i have 3 or 4 commercial addons on that path.

Next?!… in July, i code iTrader 3.0. About 50 hours of work to make it what i planned, and that version will have a different shape than what we already know. First, the core itself will be a single file, and there will be no more bug on missing userid etc… this was part of the past technique, now the goal will be to have an interface instead of a display room. More to come on that.

The Discreet Sponsor system. Discreet because sponsors are not banners, they are not to fill 50% of your display. That engine is more for the comemrcial sites that need to fill their bank of advertisers… AdSense and other tools can be added, but they are not the target, as they are automatic engines that require no real features but to display some javascript. A sponsor system is different, it requires contact with the sponsor himself, it display stats (which i become good at the moment) and some real tracking…

Multi-language engine… will let your forum have one single license and display different forums for each language you want to have there… This is a known product i had, but lately, i had to fight with Jelsoft about it… i won. no need of a second license for each language, as your site is still the same.

More things to be announced as they are coded!

Have a good summertime!

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  1. today on the shelf, upgrading the Private Shelled engine with the features announced sooner, debugs and adding Search in Private Messages…

    i know that most of what i’m doing right now will be inside the 4.0 version, but i’m doing it for everybody who will stick with the 3.6 to 3.8 versions…

    right now i update all my released work, to make it compatible with 3.6 and up… just testing for 3.6 though, to see if they work… then i indicate if they are compatible, to help others… i’m not doing backward compatible work, but most of what which work for 3.8 will do at 3.6 or there are missing hooks that can be added by hand.

  2. I was checking out the « The Discreet Sponsor system » last night. I have to say it is a really cool set up!

    Keep up the great work 😉

  3. the only screenshot available is actually 4 years old… lol.. when i first coded it. i remember the pain, with vB 3.0… had an external install script, instead of a product, and files/template edits were by hand too… was taking about an hour to install even for me… rofl

    now it is completely independant, product based, and i’m adding more features right now, like the personal panel for sponsors.. they simply have to register to the site, and they are related to all of their ads, so they can see the hits, date of end, etc… best way to deal with sponsors is to show them the results.

    but i think i have too much work in hands right now, i’ll have to ask someone for help.. rofl

  4. As the begining of july is quite ended, i added some main forums for the development chart we have, and most of the products announced are ready to roll on the Releases System that we’ll be displaying in the next days…

    I’ll be testing Drew’s software by the week-end, installing and releasing our main products in the Commercial part of the site, so you see how it feel… 🙂

  5. I see you have been busy and lots of big things planned!

    Lots of very interesting modifications in the near future 🙂

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