Development Keys opened to any vBulletin coder

This summer, i open the doors to any coder who is interested to rehearse any of my Homeworks, and i also invite coders, designers and developers to advertise their work and release their free releases here, in the Showroom.

I’ve been working on a lot of things lately, more than planned as i could say. I’ve been in discussions with a lot of guys on the market, and as a load of coders in the vBulletin industry are leaving since IB took-over Jelsoft, i have plenty of stuff to take-over, and a lot of friends happy to see me do it… but i am a father at home with 4 kids… i can not focus on that much work on my own.

So i want to offer a participation to any coder who is fluent in vBulletin, with OOP and AJAX knowledge, to help me on this task. Some jobs are to be paid, but mainly they are to be Complimentaries, so i can not pay much to update them…

There is more about development, but for the begining of summer, i try to update everything i have in the backstore, everything that is in the homeworks, and any small ideas i could have while driving vBulletin on others sites… Suggestions are also welcome, but i try to focus on what was forgotten in the last weeks.

If you think you can fit the job, just PM me so we can talk…

a note about … i may insult you if i say that, but i do not trust anybody who’s only reputation come from… if you have no life outside of, forget it, i’m way more capable than you’ll ever be. I want people with experience, i want people with ideas to share and work on… i hate followers, i want leaders…

Also, a side note for the clients… i also need you, for ideas and requests. All year long, one of the challenging thing i do on is to release at least 2 complimentaries per week… i’ve done so for the last 5 months, with something like 50 unique releases… and i have about 10 to release in the next 10 days, so i’ll have a hit… 🙂

Everybody is welcome on vbE, it’s all up to you to take your place!

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