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This tool is not provided anywhere else, and i suppose will never be, as i’m not releasing it publically.

With this engine, you have a full control over a Multi-Language forum. If you have a population of english, french, spanish and other languages, you may have a need for this if you have specific forums for each languages…

When you want to enforce the users to only see the forums they can post in, or the ones they can read in their own language, you can edit each of your forums to fit your needs, like on this screenshot:


This is for the Admincp where you edit your forums.

Now you can give your users the ability to choose what kind of forum they can see. On registration or when they edit their Profile options, they have these choices:

Here is when the user is registering: (optional entry)


and here is in the UserCP:


As an admin, you will continue to see all the forums, but you will see an indication of the language each forum is using, because the languageid for each modified forum will show in the forumlist… here is the view in the forum itself, on index and forumdisplay:


and here is the view in the admincp, the Forum Manager (optional to a file edit)

A note coming from Jelsoft, regarding the possibility that a multiple licenses would be required if you use this addon…

Ashley Busby, Jun 12th ’08 12:05pm wrote:
This is one forum and it can be navigated from any area to any area.

I concur, only one license is required and I am of the opinion that the license agreement is not contravened.


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  1. subscription for this product are transformed into donation that will give you access to new features soon to be released.

    product now under the complimentaries, as it was not that popular and may bring more interests if brought with the others…

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