New Thread button on Showthread page

Minimal hack that add « on the fly » the « New Thread » button alongisde of the « Reply » button on showthread when you have permission to post new threads.

We’ve seen this modifications in the templates before, but as you do not want to edit all your styles, and be forced to revert your templates and forget about this mod, it is obvious that a product is good enough.

What it does?

1- check if the forum permit new threads, like in forumdisplay
2- add a « New Post » button to the left of the usual « Reply » button when #1 is ok

The good thing is that if you have custom buttons in a style, you can edit the template named « nex_newthread_showthread » to fit your design…


11 réponses sur “New Thread button on Showthread page”

  1. This doesnt seem to work with vbSEO. Either that or I installed this mod before I installed vbSEO and it made an index then.

    The link is trying to go to the forum id, but vbseo takes over and renames those ?111 to something like /forum-name/

    Can we make this work with vbSEO?

    Example: Url links to /newthread.php?do=newthread&f=

    Message received:

    Invalid Forum specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator

    I’ve just uninstalled and reinstalled the product to make sure adding vbSEO after this mod wasn’t the problem

  2. i have vbSEO installed on this site, the script is working as planned.

    sorry but it seems your own installation is full of bugs, that has nothing to do with my products that seems to work without any problem on thousands of other sites.

    i would recommend you have a checkup of your site.

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