Quick Update

Ok so today i think i have finished off MTF releases (finally!)
Anyway i wanted to make sure i got all the features in so here is a run down of what ive included:
1. New Postbit – similar to vb.orgs but not same
2. Tag Modification
2a. View Tag Page Exists
3. The fowling custom fields: Price, Version, Supported, DB Changes, Uses Plugins, Edit Templates, Auto-Template Edits, Re-usable Code, Code Changes, Additional Files, Translations , External Content, Beta Stage
4. Attached Files are hidden until a license is purchased using credits UNLESS product is free in which case files can be downloaded with out a license
5. Payout Sets – In Admin CP you set up percents of profits are given on a set basis
5a. Sets can be forum specific with an option in the forum manager for payout set
6. Modifications Tab in User profile with that users Modifications
7. A View Licensed Mods Page where a table of all modifications that user has a purchases license for
8. Built-in support for my points engine

Things I Left Out which i didn’t feel fit that you might have expected (if you think i should add them tell me)
1. Installed Mods – Why have it when we have licenses?
2. Co-Authors – Why have it to begin with pretty much useless except for credit?
3. Coder/Designer Titles – Why would a company care?

I think thats about it any suggestions please tell me

Oh and one other thing how much should we charge for this?

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  1. left out must be left out… the more gadgets, the less professional we have it.

    for the list of features, i could not say more, they are all good. missing things?… not sure, i don’t see any right now, so it’s open to requests from clients… add some hooks if needed.

    price?… not sure… maybe 100$ with the MTF core… we did not fix any price for the actual core with the default addons, but as you can see with my own purchase costs of commercial hacks, i suppose 100$ for the default would not be too high… remember that we provide support with that cost, and branding free…

    what do you think?

  2. That sounds good to me for price and we will include the points engine with it and we will eventually need an importer script…

    Yeah with the features release it and then just add the most requested features I know I probably missed some but for now it’s good

    I’m going to test it on my second test board and then give you a copy to tryout.

  3. yeap… good.

    on fridays i’m always « off-work » as my wife is at the Museum, but the rest of the week i’m more present, so i can test things.

  4. Yeah right now after testing the Points engine is working perfectly no errors nothing! So if the same can go with the releases it will definitely be in beta this week

  5. woo hoo… 😉

    next week i’m alone from friday to next tuesday… nobody at home, so i will be in code rush… rofl

  6. lol ok, and in addition to debugging releases i’m really starting to find the MTF base engines errors too so we will have a pretty good beta for that too

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