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I apologize in advance if this is the incorrect forum for this request. While I am a programmer and have done much web development using phpBB and
other products and am quite familiar with php, RoR, and CakePHP etc, I am
engaged with a client in a marketing role and we need a specific set of
dynamic CMS type enhancements for a segment of the client’s site. I do not
have the bandwidth to put together the pieces and experiment to get them
where we need them so I am searching for someone with the expertise to
deliver the following. I have looked at Ning, vBulletin, and several other
technologies. We are happy to pay just for the consult as well even if we do
not go in the vBulletin direction.

The task is for a boat manufacturer that has an existing web site – we have
a new marketing program called Team BoatBrand for some sponsored Pro
Staffers and need web presence for the Team BoatBrand Pro Staff. Essentially the Pro Staff landing/home page would contain:
– Images and small description of each Pro Staffer that links to each Pro
Staffer’s personal page
– Latest N Blog Articles posted by Pro Staffers that pull from the Pro
Staffer’s personal blogs
– Latest N Images/Videos posted by Pro Staffers that pull from each Pro
Staffer’s image/video gallery
– Pro Staff Calendar that has all events from individual pro staffer’s
– Link to standard forums for our customers to interact with the Pro
Staffers as a group etc and access our support
– Each Pro Staffer’s Personal Page Would Include
– Pro Staffer’s name bonafieds, image of staffer and boat etc
– Pro Staffer’s Blog with artciles that can include images and video
– Pro Staffer’s image and video gallery
– Pro Staffer Calendar
– Look and feel consistent with existing site (headers, footers, navbar
colors etc) after basic functionality is correct

So we are looking for someone to tell us which components to purchase, put
them together to our specifiication on an account on our existing Centos 5
server ( PHP5, MYSQL5, Apache2, etc) design a basic the look and feel of the landing page with the above elements and a template for pro staffer personal pages. Once in place we are confident we can handle any future PHP programming and tweaking to dial the pages and UI in, but we do not have the time to spare on getting the functionality and ability to drag the desired elements out of a CMS and it’s DB etc, and get the site functional with a nominal layout. We can also handle further tailoring of the UI elements, CSS, etc as well. Looking at vBulletin I surmise we need the forums, the blog, vBadvanced CMPS and/or Dynamics, and a quality Image.Video gallery that bridges well with vBulletin. We do not want to use every plug-in out there as we want to minimize the pain when updates to our core components roll out (updates and mod updates were a nightmare in phpBB)

While we had someone playing with Ning for a bit we don’t care too much for
the sluggish performance and dumbed down programming model they offer
although we like many of the features. phpBB3 has plenty of mods but does
not seem as mature as vBulletin and it’s add ons. We are trying to find the
right set of components to make this CMS app what we need it to be, and the right programmer(s) to get it done professionally. The company has had
numerous false starts and now finally understands you get what you pay for
especially in web development.

I would also like to arrange a phone call if possible. I am located in FL and am on EDT.

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  1. btw, to add a note for the web crawlers which visit this page…

    90% of what you need to be configured already exists in different products for vBulletin, like the blog, portal, different blocks and features from the members albums and groups… the major thing to do is to configure everything to work as expected, and this, can be done by hiring a coder for that specific task… the products are not important, the person who will merge everything is more important.

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