Original work and take-over for this tool.

At the origin, Trafix from vb.org did the whole work, but life took him for the best he was worth, and in our sadness, he died the year after, in 2006.

in 2007, Todd, from URLJet.com took a right to rework Trafix engine and release it here: vBulletin Election Booth – vBulletin.org Forum , but without any proper property right on the script, it was requested that the engine cease distribution.

in fact, it’s fun, i own all of Trafix’s work because i requested it from him while we were working on vb.org both of us, and he was about to leave when i had this right… but i never had the time to refurbish his work.

This week, i had contact with [user]URLJet[/user], who was actually a member here but i never noticed… and he granted me the right on his engine so i can recode it, distribute it and support his clients for it.

Todd wrote:
That sounds fine feel free to have at it 🙂

I attached the zip I have on file for it.

Kind Regards,

Todd Reagor
vBulletin Web Hosting – vBulletin Management – vbulletin Upgrades – vBulletin Services

Good then… in the next weeks that’s what we will re-evaluate, the entire structure of this engine…

Thanks Todd !

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