Why no help?

I have posted a question for this addon 2 days ago and no response? Can anyone help please? I hope Im not being too pushy I just am stuck with this and cant figure out what Im missing.



6 réponses sur “Why no help?”

  1. sorry man BUT I don’t think its right to say « I have a life » referring to me as not having one. I run 2 forums, a PC service & repair business, and me and my fiance live together…excuse me I was just asking …I was just frustrated bc I couldn’t get it to work…take no offense.

  2. i was not refering to you at all when making my statement, it’s a statement, there was no « compared to you » in my sentence…

    and i take no offense, i know what it is when something is not working… i too face this each time i code a tool that is not working as needed. 😉

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