Statistics and Tendencies version 1.1.0

it was requested to add the subscriptions to the statistics, and i thought it was a good idea, but…

for that, i needed to edit the statistics table in the database and add a new entry each day for the number of subscriptions of the day. the problem was that the update of stats is without any hook, so i had to replicate the process and make it work in the « daily cleanup »… hopefully, nobody deactivate that cronjob, isn’t it?


version updated to 1.1.0, with the addition of the « New Subscriptions » display, and some esthetics changes. Now you can show the number of new subscriptions in the main page, giving a good idea of the members membership. This is a on/off switch.

6 réponses sur “Statistics and Tendencies version 1.1.0”

  1. @omegared 22332 wrote:

    What do i need to do to get this to work in other skins besides the default vb one? Thanks.

    if you have custom skins it is always the same … you need your skin to contain the template_hooks that vBulletin 3.8 have…

  2. @zero5854 22367 wrote:

    I dont need to use this BUT I give props for making it….seems to be a neat addon thanks

    thanks for the props, it’s neat, but quite simple… the only complicated thing was the Tendencies calculation, which is now solid and really representative of the content. The other details are just some basic stats calculations based on the actual content of vBulletin… i don’t know why they never used that table that is filled daily with stats… 🙂

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