*caugh* i’ve been in discussion with *caugh*…

I can’t name him, but let’s say i’ve been in discussion with someone important in the market, and i was offered to expand the development of all the products i’ve taken-over from vB.org coders… like iTrader etc…

like a commercial extension of vb.org, like my original plan, to make money from these tools. but now i would be approved.

does it sound interesting?

sure it is… with the salary that goes with it.

i’ll have some echoes on this in the next days.

as a side note, did you register to the Beta cycle for vb 4.0 ?? if not, you can here: vB4 Development Update – vBulletin Community Forum but indicate in your post that you work with me based on THIS site… if you did not have the chance and lost it, i’ll provide you a copy, as you work for me… 🙂

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  1. Sounds interesting can’t wait to hear more…

    And i haven’t applied yet, but i will try although i think i missed it so if you could send it me that would be great 🙂

  2. Don Kuramura and Ray Morgan from IB/Jelsoft now have a fair idea of where we’re going with the MTF and a lot of the addons not released but publicised on this site. they are interested to discuss possible development for vb 4.1…

    as i said to Don, we could easily integrate the MTF to the core by our actual mean and transform the planned CMS into a monstruous machine… they were impressed to see that both products could complement instead of compete.

    i’m in contact with them, maybe at a different level in the next weeks.

  3. oh, btw, they are looking for the perfect Dashboard for the admincp… my Stats and Tendencies is a good hint on what they have in target…

  4. Yeah and if we were using MTF with the new vB Base it would also be probably 10 times easier because it is also OOP

  5. I was just thinking about if MTF was a actual part of vB and i started thinking about it and if it was instead of having the Calendar, Faq, etc. they could just make them addons and therefor have a light weight base that is incredibly expendable and it would allow the users to really choose what they want their forum to be like.

  6. I suppose they already planned something similar but in a different way because they are not in our shoes… i had a pm from Don late yesterday and he was asking something like:

    Just to clarify my original question, I was not asking technical details how to integrate or how it works. I was merely trying to understand if you are:

    A. Exploring if IB is open to hire you (or your company) to do paid contract development for the functionality that you are describing. Or,
    2. Exploring licensing this software to IB for a fee. Or
    3. Something completely different.

    … 🙂

  7. looks like i started their thoughts about vB 5.0 … i just told them that MTF is their actual 5.0 version, coded our way, the coders way… they did not answer yet, they usually answer me one or two hours after i pm them… it’s been 26 hours.. lol

  8. lol just getting done 4.0 and already talking 5.0 maybe 4.5? users wont think of it as that big of an upgrade even though it will open a lot of possibilities

  9. I think that if the MTF is vb 5.0 it gives us a lot more open doors on what we can offer in a year or two… making it 4.5 just because we need to go forward is not good. 5.0 would mean a complete new engine, built with a different logic and structure…

    personally, if they are interested by MTF, they will come back with that kind of suggestion. btw, they are also interested by all the other gadgets.. the Statistics and Tendencies amazed them last week, when they saw in it a real opportunity to offer a real Dashboard for the adminCP… filled with stats and infos on the site itself.

    the way they discuss, there is some open doors on jobs at IB, not Jelsoft, IB… to manage the next step on the software development. as if vB 5.0 would be a complete different team to develop it… i suppose they want to get rid of the remains of Jelsoft.

  10. IB has already phased out most of Jelsoft anyway it won’t be long before it is a new team.. I am waiting to see how the handle vb.org whether they phase them out to or something completely different

  11. lol i have a feeling in the next few months pretty much the entire Jelsoft staff will be replaced and a lot there will be changed.

  12. i hope so… most of them are british, and you know like me that britishs and americans can not smell each others… that’s why the work on vb is accelerate right now… IB gave them the money not to support Jelsoft but to buy the product and start a new generation… they had that choice or to start a complete new software, would’ve been cumbersome. now they control a lot more what they need and what guys like us can do for the business.

    my ideas about IB changed while i was able to converse with them instead of just reading the announcements.

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