Really Ignored Users in Showthread

As requested in this thread: vBulletin Community Forum – View Single Post – Ignore function as you see Wayne’s answer, it is possible to completely ignore any posts from users who are in your ignore list…

Without this product, your postbit for an ignored user will look like this:


Installing this product will simply drop this part, which is boring for many. When you ignore someone, you really want it to be ignored, not halfway done.

Wayne suggest to delete the named templates, but i see a problem for moderators and admins… Staff have to see ignored notices, because they are staff who also have to manage ignored users… So my small plugin fix this. It will deactivate these templates when you are not part of staff only.

This is a simple plugin on Showthread, so it will not delete the template, just deactivate it, so you’re safe.

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  1. Good afternoon,

    I love the idea of this, in fact signed up for your member key for this very mod!

    I mentioned something along these lines in the thread you referred to, so think this is great!

    However, I can’t get it to work. I have a default test board that has no tweaks on it and have installed it and ignored an account I use for testing and I still see the default message.

    I think it may be because I am using my Admin account to ignore my ‘normal’ user account and that may be why I can still see that message.

    I just tried it with my ‘normal’ user account ignoring another member and it does block it out, so it does work, but not with the Admin account.

    I would like to throw out some features that may be added in the future. I have a product I downloaded where the Staff can place two people on each other’s ignore list from the Admin User Control panel. It would be nice to combine that product with this one to make this able to work by either user’s ignoring each other or if the Admin makes them ignore each other.

    Also, the other product removed the user somehow from the last posted list. Currently if User 1 is the last one to post in a thread and they are on ignore their post still shows up under the list of Last Post. When you click that, it doesn’t show their post.

    This would give a clean ignore for the users when they ignore each other AND it would give us Admins the option to make two people stop fusssing with each other.

    Thanks for this mod and I am sure I will find others on this site I can use!!


  2. sure, your suggestions are good, but as you said, they are existing products, i’m not duplicating existing stuff from other coders, this is called respect.

    btw, as you said, you can see the ignored post as an admin, and if you read the description of this product in first post, this is intended to make so… ;0)

  3. Hey nexy, brilliant idea.

    Is it possible for you to add a feature, so that you, as admin, can see who ignored who?

    Say… in your example, « KURTZ » is on an ignore list, lets presume it’s your ignore list. An admin would see, maybe as an addition to the postbit « This user is in ‘[username1]’, [username2] and [username3]’s ignore lists ».

    So an admin can see who each member has ignored and who is ignored by each member.

    Being somewhat of a coder myself, I know this is difficult, but, I’m only a newbie, so is this possible?


  4. Nexia,

    How do I make it so that this would work for admins, too? I know it’s not advised, but if it’s alright with you, I’d like to know anyway. Do I just remove « # will deactivate the postbit_ignore only when you are not a moderator/admin »?

  5. yeap… i’ve done it so someone can play with it the same way… 😉

    and i don’t care about recommandations from the guys upthere… if you need it, do it.

    so you get this after the change:

    # will deactivate the postbit_ignore only when you are not a moderator/admin
    $vbulletin->templatecache = $vbulletin->templatecache =  »;

  6. Never mind; it works.

    I noticed that the person being ignored still shows up on the forumhome page if he was the last to reply. That’s supposed to happen, right? If so, that’s fine.

    By the way, the reason I don’t know if that’s supposed to happen is that I wasn’t using the feature (someone else was), so I’m just curious now that I’ve tested it with your mod installed.

  7. this really-minimal hack is not enhancing the whole ignore system, it would be really complicated to add that to the « last post » etc… btw, as admin you will always have traces of ignored users… people who have that user in their ignore list will not see them in the last post block…

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