couple problems

just got vbseo installed for my site but then the login isnt working any one know what could cause this?… also tryen to html in a image to my forum but cant get the piture to show up just a x in the picture box. i think its cause im not loading the images i want into the right folder. anyone know which folder i should use to get the images to show up with this code
text describing the image

Une réponse sur “couple problems”

  1. 1- vbseo: as you just purchased it, i would suggest you start a new ticket to their site, as it is completely related to their engine, your site work well without it… i can not help here

    2- for the image, any folder can do, it all depend on what you put in the src= »XXX », i can not help if i do not see the whole of the code. but your best shot is by testing it yourself… you can simply put what you have in the src= »XXX » in your browser, and it is supposed to show… if not, you have a problem with the url.

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