Drew take his vacations, so why not me… tssss

Ok so Drew, our main OOP Developer for the MTF engine is taking his vacations this week and i don’t know when he will be back.. kids, they always have good reasons to take a rest…

But hey, i’m the boss here, why can’t i take vacations?… it’s been 4 weeks i was suppose to take 3 days of vacations per week, and no possibility to do so because of the weather here… so now that they forecast 5 to 8 days of hot weather, i’m taking it as a signal i can not avoid… the kids are too dangerous in the regular environment, they need to run in a field, something….

so for the next 4 to 6 days, we will be out, camping and taking pictures of whales, blueberries and shitty gulls…

i’ll try to login to see if there is urgent matters, but do not take this as an occasion to give me trouble!

see ya when i come back with a major sunburn…:grin_Crying:

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  1. lol that was a fast trip Drew 😉
    Enjoy your vacation nexia and come back relaxed and hopefully with a fresh brain – full of power willing to drop into your codes. 🙂


  2. i’m back too… came back too soon, we had a technical problem on camping… we were invaded by ants on our second day, while we were out to see the « Cirque du Soleil »… was amazing to look at when we were back at the camping lot.. our tent which is dark gray, was brown or ants… they were about to enter the tent.

    so we had the time to settle down the tents and kids yesterday, visited the place where the Cirque du Soleil was created 25 years ago, the « Baie-St-Paul » city at 80km from my home… then tada, back home!

    next week i take another 3 or 4 days of camping, on the beach… after cleaning everything and killing all the ants that may still be alive!

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