Edits to Visitor Messaging


I was just wondering if it is possible to make a mod which edit the way visitor messaging works… right now you can do two things:

  1. Enable visitor messaging for contacts and moderators
  2. Disable Visitor Messaging

I would like to see it a third option to be able to select certain members who will see the visitor messages and leave them there… it would be a drop down menu in the usercp, which you click and then choose one of three options;

« Disable »
« Contacts and Staff only » and
« From people I select »

when the third option is selected, it redirects to a check box system on a page in the Usercp where the user can check the members he/she wants to be able to leave messages… similar to the contact/moderators list..

The sole purpose of this is that you can be « Contact/Friend » with someone, but when you don’t want to talk to them, you can untick them… or say you run a site like this, and you’re the admin ([user]1[/user]), your profile is bogged down with support requests… you still want your staff to be able to leave you visitor messages, but not all the people needing support…

Would this be possible/doable?

6 réponses sur “Edits to Visitor Messaging”

  1. it is doable, possible, but i did not look at the code so i do not know yet if it would take long to code. i’ve done it in the past for the profile privacy they leeched from me, so i suppose it would be similar… having the list of contacts though give a little bit more work to do.. lol

  2. @mikey1991 22677 wrote:

    they leeched that from you?! :grin_Angry:

    That sucks….

    yeah, as indicated here: https://papaestun.pro/nexias-homeworks/some-codes-done-past-now-integrated/865/ … and it was a small list, i can assure you that other coders like me are really frustrated when the guys at Jelsoft say they are not even looking at vb.org, as they have no time… tsss… how can they create features like these if they do not look

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