What Now?

I am a little confused about what is happening with MTF.. Are we going to release it or are you waiting to see what Internet Brands wants? And Also do you want me to test it more or did you want to?

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  1. ok, what Ray said to me is to wait until the final version of vB 4.0 is on the market so we can take a look at what we have to offer for a next version of vB… so in the next weeks as the 4.0 is in beta, we just have to wait…

    BUT… as he said, what we will have to deal with IB is either a product for 4.x OR a complete revisit of 5.0… IB want a vB 5.0 is less than 2 years, that mean a complete rebuilding of the engine with a different logic and usage… that’s why he was interested in the MTF, for the reasons you know.

    He did not say we had a contract in hands, he said we had to discuss seriously. So while we wait, the best thing to do is to write down everything we could do to make a vB 5.0… i don’t care of the 4.x product option because i know it’s easy to do… i want to explode the idea that we would be the ones who will rewrite vBulletin for the 5.0.

    i said to Ray that we would be able to provide a white paper in the next days/weeks instead of waiting for testing vB 4.0… and he is ok with that. so if we can draft him a Great vB 5.0, i suppose he will have a better view of what we can do.

    so for the next days i do not plan to release the MTF until Ray gives us a first answer… he said he is always brief, so once we provide him with a draft, he will give us the OK or NOT… then we know where we’re heading at.

    we will need screenshots, no need to make them based on source, just muckup can do… like this one https://papaestun.pro/releases/nex_self_deactivation.jpg … 😉

  2. Ok so basically just wait and see what happens? 😉

    And from looking at that widget it looks like vb has taken a huge step as far as classes although i can’t really see how the CMS works.. Just wondering how did you get ahold of that?

  3. hum, we will not just wait and see, we have to build a draft of what we see for 5.0… brainstorming mostly.

    and for the file, it was posted but i do not remember where.. lol and it’s for the CMS only, like for the other novelties in 3.8, only that part is up-to-date in PHP…

  4. ok, the brainstorm is going well, each time we have an idea, go write it… even if we duplicate the idea, we do not use the same words so it’s essential we write everything.

    also, i started releasing a bunch of stuff in the freebies, i have a lot to post, but most of them are plugins i took from the take-overs and the abandonned stuff from vb.org… i also take feature requests from vb.com and .org… now i simply post everything i code, even if it compete stuff at vb.org… the code is always different because well coded.

    so if you have stuff to release, it would make a good image for the goal we have to be hired for vb 5.0… the more we have, the more efficient we look. if you want to code in your spare times, just take anything in the Homeworks, if the file is missing, just tell me, i have everything that was released for vBulletin in the last 8 years… i also have some commercial scripts, if you want to play in that field… rewriting them. 😉

    i don’t care the leech, i’ve been leeched too much in the past, i dropped the idea of the politically correct guy.

  5. Ok so what ever happened to the deposit addon? Because i will work on that if that isn’t finished yet?

    If that is done could i see the files for the Election Booth addon and/or the « [img]thumbnails on the fly » addon?

  6. the deposit addon, never touched…

    the other two are not done yet, i give you the thumbnail on the fly files, you see what you want to do with it… i’d like to replace the javascript with a better tooltip engine. that’s about it.

    i did not touch anything else btw this summer, the tools i posted are all from new work. and i’ll be focussing on the « virtual stock trade competition » thing in the next days as it is due to begining of september.

    and today i go on week-end with the family… so i’ll be only visiting to read, not to code.

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